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Send Newest Young Dro Ringtones to Your Cell Phone Now

Nowadays, you could very easily download through the web plenty of exciting and remarkable Young Dro ringtones. There is great number of fresh Young Dro ring tones, available in huge variety of audio formats, such as midi, mp3, sp-midi, MMF and WAV. Undoubtedly, "My Girl Gotta a Girlfriend" and "Man In The Trunk" remain among most frequently searched and beloved Young Dro ringers at recent days. Fresh collections of Young Dro realtones are supported by the biggest mobile operators suck as AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. Also, if you have modern cell phone, you will be able to download ringtones in RTTTL, keypress or melodies composers formats. Most current Young Dro true tones are compatible with Nokia, LG, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. On the other hand, you could also download mp3 ringtones directly on your computer and then to upload them onto your mobile phone through steady and convenient UBS or blue-tooth connection. Great variety of mobile Young Dro ringing melodies for download could be obtained via comfortable WAP services, too. Some unique selections of mobile Young Dro ringtones are currently supported by Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT and T and Alltel.

Download Young Dro Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. They Don't Really Know Bout Dro Send They Don't Really Know Bout Dro by Young Dro
2. Man In The Trunk Send Man In The Trunk by Young Dro
3. Presidential Send Presidential by Young Dro
4. Shoulder Lean Send Shoulder Lean by Young Dro
5. U Don't See Me Send U Don't See Me by Young Dro
6. Rubberband Banks Send Rubberband Banks by Young Dro
7. We Lied Send We Lied by Young Dro
8. My Girl Send My Girl by Young Dro
9. 100 Yard Dash Send 100 Yard Dash by Young Dro
10. Hear Me Cry Send Hear Me Cry by Young Dro
11. Gangsta Send Gangsta by Young Dro
12. High Five Send High Five by Young Dro
13. Fresh Send Fresh by Young Dro
14. What It Is Send What It Is by Young Dro
15. It Ain't Over Send It Ain't Over by Young Dro
16. My Girl Gotta a Girlfriend Send My Girl Gotta a Girlfriend by Young Dro
17. I Do This Send I Do This by Young Dro
18. Trap Boomin Send Trap Boomin by Young Dro
19. Do Ya Bad Send Do Ya Bad by Young Dro
20. Whatcha Do Wit' Send Whatcha Do Wit' by Young Dro
21. Da Cookie Man Send Da Cookie Man by Young Dro
22. I Need da Send I Need da by Young Dro
23. Sholder Lean Send Sholder Lean by Young Dro
24. Ho Wait Send Ho Wait by Young Dro
25. Flip Flop Send Flip Flop by Young Dro
26. A Couple Grand (Flow) Send A Couple Grand (Flow) by Young Dro
27. Rock Yo Hips Send Rock Yo Hips by Young Dro
28. Weight Man Send Weight Man by Young Dro
29. Truly Edcudacated Send Truly Edcudacated by Young Dro
30. Da Bowi Send Da Bowi by Young Dro
31. 22's or Better Send 22's or Better by Young Dro
32. I'm Comming Over Send I'm Comming Over by Young Dro
33. Do it Do it Send Do it Do it by Young Dro
34. I Luv it Send I Luv it by Young Dro

D' Juan Hart, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, is highly popular American rapper better known by his alias Young Dro, who is signed to the Grand Hustle label. More potent than the high-powered hydro phonic herb that carries his namesake, homegrown Atlanta sensation the talanted rapper will definitely get lifted this summer with the release of his Grand Hustle/Atlantic debut by the name "Best Thang Smokiní". On this musical autobiography, the rising to fame rapper narrates his life from poverty to falling prey to dead-end recording deals to obtaining his dreams of becoming an accomplished emcee. But even though the Southern shot caller has grown accustomed to popping tags, riding huge and rocking ice, Hart hasnít always been the flashy, fly rapper that he is today. Born by the name Djuan Hart in the nefarious Bankhead Court housing project, the amazing rapper grew up the second oldest of his motherís five boys and somewhere amongst the middle seven of his fatherís 21 children. Although his mother did the best that she could to ensure their future, Young Dro spent much of his childhood drifting from one housing complex to the next. It was during these many moves in his early years that he befriended the now Grand Hustle/Atlantic recording artist T.I, they both didn`t take music seriously at the time. Young Dro didnít even consider a career in music till another one of his friends, Chris "Daddy Mack" Smith, scored platinum success as one half of early 90s duo with Kris Kross.

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