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3gp videos are becoming more and more popular and our site offers a large variety of ringtones and allow visitors to download music and video clips. You can download music videos to your personal cell phones by using the technology of 3gp - "3rd Generation Partnership Project". Any one can download video clips to his or her mobile phone and see Rihanna or Chris Brown on their own private mobile screen with high quality and low costs!

This technology enables customers to send a large amount of data using mobile phone network. 3gp technology gives one the opportunity to transmission large files over cell phones, including audio, video and web data. 3gp video equipped mobile devices make it possible for the user to record and playback video files on their own private mobile phones. The use of 3gp clips became possible because of the developments and expansions in Internet technologies and the growing development of mobile video technology.

3gp clips were developed as an answer to the customers needs and requirements and also in order to provide a larger range of possibilities of using cell phones. Easy to download, music clips become available in every cell phone, presenting high quality video clips. Like the ringtones, which continue to be a favored source of entertainment for many users of mobile phones, 3gp video clips provide for a new source of entertainment and a new step in the progress of modern technology. Don`t forget that if you sign up in our videos database you will receive some bonus mobile videos! So what are you wating for - download mobile videos from our page - fast cheap and easy!

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