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There was a time when mobile phones were used only for communication, but today they have a lot more functions. With the increasing number of functions being added to the handset, cell phone users can actually watch a movie on their phones. Video ringtones are a norm with high end and sophisticated cell handsets with greater resolution and wide LCD screens. So what better then get a video of yourself on the screen when someone calls you, or even better than that, to get to see your favorite music video of you favorite artist when someone calls in? Most of the video ringtones are in the 3gp format cause they are small and save a lot of valuable space.

The biggest part of the popular video ringtones are supported by super quality sound that makes the whole concept far more pleasurable. They can be downloaded from our page fast and easy, grabbed from the computer or from DVDs. But the actual lifespan of the video ringtone is not very long, as most users like to change it on a regular basis depending on what’s the latest, that`s why you have to sign up in our huge database of cheap and high quality video tones and lots of hot mobile stuff. Also, many users like to record clippings of themselves or their loved ones and use them as ringers. Many sports enthusiasts like to use clippings of their favorite moment of their preferable sport and enjoy every call with it. Some users have cartoon clips or even movie scenes as a video tone.

The list goes on and on and the possibilities are as many as the users, however the major drawback of free video ringtones is that when downloading them, the user runs the risk of downloading spyware or viruses, that`s the reason you should get them from a raputable website like ours! Mind the fact, that usage of video ringtones increases the load on the phone battery and may drain it a little faster then usual. Sign up in our huge mobile database and get latest video ringtones to your phone now!

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