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Cool Usher Ringtones for Your Cell Phone Here

The core of the richest web ranges of Usher ringtones today still remain "Love In This Club", "Love In This Club Part II", "Confessions" and "Confessions part II". Furthermore, you shouldn`t forget that various subscribers of AT and T all over the world could benefit from some extra fresh options to receieve tones. Some of the largest selections of mobile ringtones are basically supported by Cellular One, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. On the other hand, every user of Nextel could find some additional surprising realtones for his handset. So, you should always consider in advance that most wanted and warmly acclaimed mobile true tones on the global Internet mobile market today remain these in midi or mp3 ringtones format. If you possess comparatively modern mobile phone, you already could get your beloved mp3 tones in ready for using RTTTL, keypress or melody composer combinations. The majority of these remarkable Usher ringtones is undoubtedly compatible with different models of Sagem, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, LG and plenty of other reputable mobile brands. Click on the button under "Send" section and sign up for our huge mobile database now!

Download Usher Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Love In This Club Part II (Featuring Beyonce & Lil Wayne) Send Love In This Club Part II by Usher
2. Love In This Club (Featuring Young Jeezy) Send Love In This Club by Usher
3. Yeah! Send Yeah! by Usher
4. Throwback Send Throwback by Usher
5. Confessions Send Confessions by Usher
6. Confessions Part II Send Confessions Part II by Usher
7. Burn Send Burn by Usher
8. Caught Up Send Caught Up by Usher
9. Superstar Send Superstar by Usher
10. Truth Hurts Send Truth Hurts by Usher
11. Simple Things Send Simple Things by Usher
12. Bad Girl Send Bad Girl by Usher
13. Thatís What Itís Made For Send Thatís What Itís Made For by Usher
14. Can U Handle It? Send Can U Handle It? by Usher
15. Do It To Me Send Do It To Me by Usher
16. Take Your Hand Send Take Your Hand by Usher
17. Follow Me Send Follow Me by Usher
18. My Boo Ė Duet With Alicia Keys Send My Boo Ė Duet With Alicia Keys by Usher
19. Red Light Send Red Light by Usher
20. Seduction Send Seduction by Usher
21. Confessions Part II Remix (Featuring Shyne, Kanye West & Twista) Send Confessions Part II Remix by Usher
22. U Remind Me Send U Remind Me by Usher
23. I Don't Know Send I Don't Know by Usher
24. Twork It Out Send Twork It Out by Usher
25. U Got It Bad Send U Got It Bad by Usher
26. If I Want To Send If I Want To by Usher
27. I Can't Let U Go Send I Can't Let U Go by Usher
28. U Don't Have To Call Send U Don't Have To Call by Usher
29. Without U Send Without U by Usher
30. Can U Help Me Send Can U Help Me by Usher
31. How Do I Say Send How Do I Say by Usher
32. Hottest Thin Send Hottest Thin by Usher
33. Good Ol' Ghetto Send Good Ol' Ghetto by Usher
34. U-Turn Send U-Turn by Usher
35. U R The One Send U R The One by Usher
36. You Make Me Wanna... Send You Make Me Wanna... by Usher
37. Just Like Me Send Just Like Me by Usher
38. Nice And Slow Send Nice And Slow by Usher
39. Slow Jam Send Slow Jam by Usher
40. My Way Send My Way by Usher
41. Come Back Send Come Back by Usher
42. I Will Send I Will by Usher
43. Bedtime Send Bedtime by Usher
44. One Day You'll Be Mine Send One Day You'll Be Mine by Usher
45. You Make Me Wanna... (Extended Version) Send You Make Me Wanna... (Extended Version) by Usher

On August 30, 1994, LaFace released the self-titled debut album of Usher and peaked at number 25 on the R and B Albums chart and was accompanied by three singles - "Can U Get Wit It", "Think Of You", and "The Many Ways". The album wasn`t a runaway hit and went virtually unnoticed by pop audiences. Usher continued honing his skills as a stage performer and laid the groundwork for his next album. The rapper also performed in "Let's Straighten It Out", a 1995 duet with fellow Atlanta teen recording artist Monica - and on 1996's "Dreaminí", the first single from Rhythm of the Games, LaFace's Olympic Games benefit album. After that he released in 1999 first concert album named "Live", which featured appearances by Lil' Kim, Jagged Edge, Trey Lorenz, Shanice, Twista and Manuel Seal, and was RIAA-certified Gold. His next studio album, originally entitled "All About U", was slated to be released in early 2001. After being revised, the album was renamed as "8701" (named for the years of his career at that point [1987-2001], and for its release date of August 7, 2001, or 8/7/01). Each of the singles - "U Remind Me" and "U Got It Bad" - hit the US Hot 100 singles chart for four and six weeks respectively in the summer and fall. In 2002, "U Don't Have to Call", also peaked top five pop (which are now available as Usher ring tones for download.

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