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Get Realtones and Hot The Offspring Ringtones to Your Cell Phone

Today, most of cell phone owners on the global market could very easily get their beloved true The Offspring ringtones in all most convenient audio formats, including monophonic, midi and mp3. If you possess comparatively modern mobile phone, you also will be able to receive your most favourite ringers in ready RTTTL, keypress or melodies composer combinations. Changing in size collections of mobile ringtones nowadays are supported also by AT and T, Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. You already could be quite calm that you could receive your preferable cell sounds in enough well quality because most of them are compatible with bigger mobile brands - Sony Ericsson, Sharp, Motorola, Nokia and Siemens, also, various Sagem and Panasonic. Mobile users at recent days could obtain great mobile melodies from lots of extra online collections, specially intended to them. Furthermore, latest option to personalize your particular handset with your beloved ringing tones comprises great variety of charming The Offspring videos and funny logos. At the end, mind the useful chance to receive these unforgettable The Offspring ringtones online as special prize for choose to sign up through one or another online mobile accessories providers.

Download The Offspring Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Half-Truism Send Half-Truism by The Offspring
2. Trust In You Send Trust In You by The Offspring
3. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Send You're Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring
4. Hammerhead Send Hammerhead by The Offspring
5. A Lot Like Me Send A Lot Like Me by The Offspring
6. Takes Me Nowhere Send Takes Me Nowhere by The Offspring
7. Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? Send Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? by The Offspring
8. Nothingtown Send Nothingtown by The Offspring
9. Stuff Is Messed Up Send Stuff Is Messed Up by The Offspring
10. Fix You Send Fix You by The Offspring
11. Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom Send Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom by The Offspring
12. Rise And Fall Send Rise And Fall by The Offspring
13. Welcome Send Welcome by The Offspring
14. Have You Ever Send Have You Ever by The Offspring
15. Staring At The Sun Send Staring At The Sun by The Offspring
16. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) Send Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) by The Offspring
17. The Kids Aren't Alright Send The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring
18. Feelings Send Feelings by The Offspring
19. She's Got Issues Send She's Got Issues by The Offspring
20. Walla Walla Send Walla Walla by The Offspring
21. The End Of The Line Send The End Of The Line by The Offspring
22. No Brakes Send No Brakes by The Offspring
23. Why Don't You Get A Job? Send Why Don't You Get A Job? by The Offspring
24. Americana Send Americana by The Offspring
25. Pay The Man Send Pay The Man by The Offspring
26. Come Out Swinging Send Come Out Swinging by The Offspring
27. Original Prankster Send Original Prankster by The Offspring
28. Want You Bad Send Want You Bad by The Offspring
29. Million Miles Away Send Million Miles Away by The Offspring
30. Dammit, I Changed Again Send Dammit, I Changed Again by The Offspring
31. Living In Chaos Send Living In Chaos by The Offspring
32. Special Delivery Send Special Delivery by The Offspring
33. One Fine Day Send One Fine Day by The Offspring
34. All Along Send All Along by The Offspring
35. Denial, Revisited Send Denial, Revisited by The Offspring
36. Vultures Send Vultures by The Offspring
37. Conspiracy One Send Conspiracy One by The Offspring
38. Come out and play Send Come out and play by The Offspring
39. Self Esteem Send Self Esteem by The Offspring

The Offspring already is very popular among teenagers all over the world American punk group from Orange County, California. It was created in 1984 and currently consists Dexter Holland as main vocalist and guitarist, Noodles, also playing guitar and backing vocals, Greg K as bass and backing vocalist, too and Atom Willard on the drums. After their first successful release of the album named "Smash" from 1994, now considered as best-selling independent label compilation by the time, The Offspring achieved new great commercial acclaim over next five collections, presenting some of their most well-known tracks, including "Come out and play", "Self-esteem" and especially "Pretty fly (for a white guy)". Thus, shrotly after "Smash", their new compilations "Ixnay on the hombre", "Americana" and "Conspiracy of one" also won platinum status. The Offspring has recently sold over 32 millions copies worldwide, successfully placing among best-selling punk bands in contemporary global music history. Fueled by its legendary songs - "Come out and play", "Self-esteem" and "Gotta get away", "Smash" nowadays set certain all-time record for most units, sold by independent label group due to its 14 millions copies. After 4 years, in 1998, the talanted band presented "Americana" and 2 of its main songs - "Pretty fly (for a white guy)" and "Why do not you get a job", soon proved to be both largest hits of The Offspring, charting in "ARC Top 40" and significantly increasing the entire popularity of this group and its compilations worldwide.

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