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Download Latest Texas Ringtones to Your Cell Phone Now

All latest Texas ringtones at recent days are usually accompanied by great number of screensavers, wallpapers, animations and many other attractive mobile accessories, concerning this talented singer. You should as well keep in mind that most strongly distributed ringers now still remain in MIDI audio format. Generally speaking, most wanted mobile realtones at recent days are naturally compatible with different models of Nokia, Benq, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba. Today, you already could download ringtones just in three simple steps - enter your cell phone number on our website, wait to receive a common SMS with special identifying code in it and at the end, write this combination down through the same page. So, if you are keen country music fan and have more unconventional taste in music, our extended selection of fresh true tones could be quite effective solution to personalize your particular phone. Huge abundance of remarkable mobile ringing melodies for download now could be found through the networks of Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint and many others.If your phone model is comparatively modern, you will be able to download realtones also in ready for using keypress or RTTTL combinations. At the end, if you register on the websites of most leading online mobile operators, you could receive plenty of distinguished Texas ringtones for free as a special bonus.

Download Texas Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. I Don't Want A Lover Send I Don't Want A Lover by Texas
2. In Demand Send In Demand by Texas
3. Say What You Want Send Say What You Want by Texas
4. Summer Son Send Summer Son by Texas
5. Inner Smile Send Inner Smile by Texas
6. So In Love With You Send So In Love With You by Texas
7. Black Eyed Boy Send Black Eyed Boy by Texas
8. So Called Friend Send So Called Friend by Texas
9. Everyday Now Send Everyday Now by Texas
10. In Our Lifetime Send In Our Lifetime by Texas
11. Halo Send Halo by Texas
12. Guitar Song Send Guitar Song by Texas
13. Prayer For You Send Prayer For You by Texas
14. When We Are Together Send When We Are Together by Texas
15. Insane Send Insane by Texas
16. Tired Of Being Alone Send Tired Of Being Alone by Texas
17. Put Your Arms Around Me Send Put Your Arms Around Me by Texas
18. Say What You Want (All Day Every Day)/b> Send Say What You Want (All Day Every Day) by Texas
19. Tell Me Why Send Tell Me Why by Texas
20. Southside Send Southside by Texas
21. Faith Send Faith by Texas
22. Thrill Has Gone Send Thrill Has Gone by Texas
23. Fight The Feeling Send Fight The Feeling by Texas
24. Fool For Love Send Fool For Love by Texas
25. One Choice Send One Choice by Texas
26. Future Is Promises Send Future Is Promises by Texas
27. Tell Me The Answer Send Tell Me The Answer by Texas
28. Sunday Afternoon Send Sunday Afternoon by Texas
29. Move In Send Move In by Texas
30. Day After Day Send Day After Day by Texas
31. Zero Zero Send Zero Zero by Texas
32. Saint Send Saint by Texas
33. Girl Send Girl by Texas
34. The Hush Send The Hush by Texas
35. The Day Before I Went Away Send The Day Before I Went Away by Texas

The popular rock band Texas were founded by Johnny McElhone (formerly of the bands Altered Images and Hipsway) in Glasgow, Scotland and in 1986 the band had their performing debut in March 1988 at Scotland's University of Dundee. Texas scored a UK hit in 1989 with their first single named "I Don't Want a Lover". This was taken from their debut album entitled "Southside", which went on to sell two million copies through out the world. The next albums Mothers Heaven (1991) and Ricks Road (1993) were less successful and failed to provide the group with any further big hit songs in the UK. Although these albums sold well in France and Spain, this was not sufficient for the record company, which made the band faced a lot of pressure with their fourth release. In the meantime Ellen DeGeneres had approached them, and Sharleen Spiteri and Ally McErlaine flew to the US to re-record a song from the third album, named "So Called Friend," which went on to become the theme song to DeGeneres' US sitcom Ellen. In 1997 Texas came back with "Say What You Want", which became their biggest hit single yet, reaching at number 3. The album White on Blonde followed, entering at number 1, where it would return a year later. Other hit songs from the album were "Halo," "Black Eyed Boy," and "Put Your Arms Around Me", a reworking of "Say What You Want" with Method Man was released alongside album track "Insane".

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