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Terms And Conditions

PremieRingtones.com is USA-based network, that provides huge diversity of mobile accessories, all of which are subject to the terms and conditions, explained below. First of all, you should always mind the fact that you undoubtedly agree to all of them just by using any of the services, presented on this website.


All our services are supported via our PremieRingtones.com. Main part of them provides our visitors with various hot downloadable mobile content, such as cell phone applications, ringtones, true tones, realtones, funny sound effects, wallpapers, logos, animations, videos and games. Thus, you will be able to download to your mobile phones, computers and other hand-held devices certainly all the services, presented on our web page. You can download free ringtones and other mobile stuff by clicking on the arrow under "Download" section and get them directly to your computer. You can also sign up for our large mobile collection of high quality mobile accessories. The advantage of signing up for our services is that you will be able to choose from thousands of ringtones and mobile content, as we have the biggest mobile collections ever available, in all types and formats. All you have to do is to push the button under "Send" section and follow a very easy sign-up procedure.

Furthermore, there are several very important conditions to be considered in advance for the effective use of our services. You should know that you can use this service only in constant accordance with the specific terms and conditions of this agreement and any additional changes, made by PremieRingtones.com, concerning any particular feature or function of this service. Keep in mind, that our service is designed predominantly for your personal use. Remember that you must not transmit or re-transmit, broadcast or re-broadcast or make any other commercial use of the presented by PremieRingtones.com content.

Consider in advance that you take the whole responsibility and risk for your use of each service, presented here. To the extent permitted by law, PremieRingtones.com provides all services, hot mobile content and necessary information and usually doesn`t make any warranties - directly express or implied, representations or endorsements, concerning them. PremieRingtones.com never claims ownership of various materials, that you provide to us, such as feedback and suggestions, post, upload, input or submit to each of these services for review by the general public or by the members of any other public or private community.

Cancellation And Termination

You have the option to cancel your ringtones subscription just by sending special SMS from your cell phone. Most of our services could be canceled by submitting special request form on our web page. Termination concerns the unique right of PremieRingtones.com, at its sole discretion, to terminate your permission to access and use any of our services we offer for any reason, at any time, without notice, including in the event that PremieRingtones.com reasonably believes that you have acted inconsistently with any provision of its general terms of use. Downloading your mobile ringtones, wallpapers, logos, and so on, you agree that PremieRingtones.com carries no responsibility to you for termination or suspension of your access and that, in the event you breach these rules, no portion of your fees will be refunded. PremieRingtones.com is no responsible for your subscribtions and registrations and if you want to learn more about unsubscription click here

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