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Order Tech N9ne Ringtones for Your Handset Now

Most users of Alcatel handsets at recent days could take the advantage of some bonus selections of fresh Tech N9ne ringtones for download, composed specially for this leading mobile brand. Also, mind the fact that rich arrangements of fresh mobile ringtones are currently developed by AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. At these days, each mobile user can download ringtones, along with large abundance of their posters, photos, wallpapers, animations and etc. Most frequently downloaded mobile music still remain in polyphonic audio format. Thus, if you are keen hip-hop listener, mind the fact, that our rich list of remarkable mp3 ringtones occurs to be actually excellent decision for personalizing your mobile phone. Generaly, keep in mind, that most attractive mobile sounds today are naturally compatible with most models of Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony Ericsson. Finally, if your particular mobile phone is comparatively modern, you will be able as well to choose some hot Tech N9ne ringtones in modernized video format. All you need to do is sign up for our huge mobile database by clicking on the button under "send" section.

Download Tech N9ne Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Enter Everready Send Enter Everready by Tech N9ne
2. Riot Maker Send Riot Maker by Tech N9ne
3. No Can Do Send No Can Do by Tech N9ne
4. Welcome To The Midwest Send Welcome To The Midwest by Tech N9ne
5. Bout Ta' Bubble Send Bout Ta' Bubble by Tech N9ne
6. It's What You Thinkin' Send It's What You Thinkin' by Tech N9ne
7. Night And Day Send Night And Day by Tech N9ne
8. Jellysickle Send Jellysickle by Tech N9ne
9. Caribou Lou Send Caribou Lou by Tech N9ne
10. Hood Connection, Strange Commercial Send Hood Connection, Strange Commercial by Tech N9ne
11. My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl Send My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl by Tech N9ne
12. Flash Send Flash by Tech N9ne
13. Come Gangsta Send Come Gangsta by Tech N9ne
14. The Melancholy Maze Et My World Intro Send The Melancholy Maze Et My World Intro by Tech N9ne
15. My World Send My World by Tech N9ne
16. Running Out Of Time 'Root' Send Running Out Of Time 'Root' by Tech N9ne
17. The Rain Send The Rain by Tech N9ne
18. F**k'em Girl Send F**k'em Girl by Tech N9ne
19. The Beast Send The Beast by Tech N9ne
20. This Is Me Send This Is Me by Tech N9ne
21. Intro Send Intro by Tech N9ne
22. That Owl Send That Owl by Tech N9ne
23. In My Head Send In My Head by Tech N9ne
24. Groupie Send Groupie by Tech N9ne
25. Rock Like That Send Rock Like That by Tech N9ne
26. The Shouting Send The Shouting by Tech N9ne
27. Don't Blame Me Send Don't Blame Me by Tech N9ne
28. Run Send Run by Tech N9ne
29. Whip It Send Whip It by Tech N9ne
30. Playa Like Me Send Playa Like Me by Tech N9ne
31. Trapped Send Trapped by Tech N9ne
32. Holy War Send Holy War by Tech N9ne
33. Let It Go Send Let It Go by Tech N9ne
34. The Need Send The Need by Tech N9ne
35. Little Pills Send Little Pills by Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne, who's real name is Aaron Dontez Yates is born on November 8, 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri. He is an American rapper, who in the 17 years since his first amateur performance, has performed sold out shows from Los Angeles to New York, and is one of the most popular rappers in his hometown of Kansas City. Young talant found his calling when on a dare in 1985, when he picked up a pen and wrote a rhyme. Next day he went to school and performed that rhyme, and since his build to rap superstardom, Tech N9ne has made more than 5 albums, sold more than 500,000 of them all over the world, and collaborated with artists including Brotha Lynch Hung, Tupac, E-40, C-Bo, D-12, Yukmouth, Tech N9ne, Roger Troutman, and many more stars. Early in his career, Aaron was a member of a band called "NNUTT HOWZE", which he pays tribute to in many of his lyrics by saying "Six, six, triple eight, forty six, ninety nine, three" (6688846993), which spells out NNUTT HOWZE on the touch pad numbers of a telephone, however, the band disbanded when they were dropped from their label, Perspective Records. Furthermore, Tech N9ne saw glimpses of success as a member of the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians, who are also a Kansas City-based band.

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