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Download Sugarland Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. All I Want To Do Send All I Want To Do by Sugarland
2. It Happens Send It Happens by Sugarland
3. We Run Send We Run by Sugarland
4. Joey Send Joey by Sugarland
5. Love Send Love by Sugarland
6. Genevieve Send Genevieve by Sugarland
7. Already Gone Send Already Gone by Sugarland
8. Keep You Send Keep You by Sugarland
9. Take Me As I Am Send Take Me As I Am by Sugarland
10. What I'd Give Send What I'd Give by Sugarland
11. Steve Earle Send Steve Earle by Sugarland
12. Very Last Country Song Send Very Last Country Song by Sugarland
13. Fall Into Me Send Fall Into Me by Sugarland
14. Operation: Working Vacation Send Operation: Working Vacation by Sugarland
15. Wishing Send Wishing by Sugarland
16. Life In A Northern Town Send Life In A Northern Town by Sugarland
17. Come on Get Higher Send Come on Get Higher by Sugarland
18. Settlin' Send Settlin' by Sugarland
19. County Line Send County Line by Sugarland
20. Want To Send Want To by Sugarland
21. Everyday America Send Everyday America by Sugarland
22. Happy Ending Send Happy Ending by Sugarland
23. These Are The Days Send These Are The Days by Sugarland
24. One Blue Sky Send One Blue Sky by Sugarland
25. April Showers Send April Showers by Sugarland
26. Mean Girls Send Mean Girls by Sugarland
27. Stay Send Stay by Sugarland
28. Sugarland Send Sugarland by Sugarland

Sugarland is an American country music duo made by two singer-songwriters, main singer Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, both from Atlanta, Georgia. The band was created in 2003 by Kristen Hall, she is also a singer-songwriter from Atlanta. Hall, who named it, was a member of Sugarland till 2006 when she left the group. All three members were regulars on Atlanta's folk-rock scene in the 1990s and early 2000s prior to Sugarland's formation, playing frequently at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia, which owner was Jennifer`s husband at that time. Jennifer had played in a band named Soul Miner's Daughter, later formed her own Jennifer Nettles Band. Kristian was a part of the folk-rock duo Billy Pilgrim, and he had a solo career that often crossed paths with the Indigo Girls. After a couple of years of playing together as a band, Sugarland was signed to Mercury Nashville Records in 2003. Their first single, "Baby Girl", was released the same year, eventually setting a record for the longest chart run on the US Billboard country charts since the inception of Nielsen SoundScan in 1990. After Kristen Hall's departure in 2006, Sugarland has become a duo.

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