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If you desire never to miss any important calls in your life, you should download Slipknot ringtones on your mobile phone. Nowadays, all mobile owners on the global market could very easily get their favourite mobile ringtones in all most convenient audio formats, including monophonic, midi and mp3. If you possess comparatively modern mobile phone, you also will be able to receive your most valuable Slipknot ring tones in ready RTTTL, keypress or melodies composer combinations. Changing in size selections of mobile Slipknot ringers today are supported also by most of the mobile operators such as AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. You already could be quite calm that you could receive your preferable ringing sounds in enough well quality because most of them are compatible with bigger mobile brands - Panasonic, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Siemens. Also, various Siemens and Sony Ericsson users at recent days could obtain their beloved music tones from lots of extra online collections, specially intended to them. In addition, latest option to personalize your particular phone with your favourite mp3 realtones comprises great abundance of exciting Slipknot videos and funny logos. Finally, don`t ignore the useful opportunity to receive these fresh Slipknot ringtones online as special prize for choose to sign up through one or another online mobile accessories providers.

Download Slipknot Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. .execute. Send .execute. by Slipknot
2. Gematria [The Killing Name] Send Gematria [The Killing Name] by Slipknot
3. Sulfur Send Sulfur by Slipknot
4. Psychosocial Send Psychosocial by Slipknot
5. Dead Memories Send Dead Memories by Slipknot
6. Vendetta Send Vendetta by Slipknot
7. Butcher's Hook Send Butcher's Hook by Slipknot
8. Gehenna Send Gehenna by Slipknot
9. This Cold Black Send This Cold Black by Slipknot
10. Wherein Lies Continue Send Wherein Lies Continue by Slipknot
11. Snuff Send Snuff by Slipknot
12. All Hope Is Gone Send All Hope Is Gone by Slipknot
13. 742617000027 Send 742617000027 by Slipknot
14. (Sic) Send (Sic) by Slipknot
15. Eyeless Send Eyeless by Slipknot
16. Wait And Bleed Send Wait And Bleed by Slipknot
17. Surfacing Send Surfacing by Slipknot
18. Spit It Out Send Spit It Out by Slipknot
19. Tattered & Torn Send Tattered & Torn by Slipknot
20. Me Inside Send Me Inside by Slipknot
21. Liberate Send Liberate by Slipknot
22. Prosthetics Send Prosthetics by Slipknot
23. No Life Send No Life by Slipknot
24. Diluted Send Diluted by Slipknot
25. Only One Send Only One by Slipknot
26. Scissors Send Scissors by Slipknot
27. Prelude 3.0 Send Prelude 3.0 by Slipknot
28. The Blister Exists Send The Blister Exists by Slipknot
29. Three Nil Send Three Nil by Slipknot
30. Duality Send Duality by Slipknot
31. Opium Of The People Send Opium Of The People by Slipknot
32. Circle Send Circle by Slipknot
33. Welcome Send Welcome by Slipknot
34. Vermilion Send Vermilion by Slipknot

The famous American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa - Slipknot currently consists of Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor and it is recognized as one of the pioneering bands in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. The group was founded in late 1995 and underwent several line-up changes following the independent release of their debut album, entitled Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. in 1996. Their debut self-titled studio album, Slipknot, hit the streets in 1999 and was followed by two further studio albums, Iowa in 2001 and Vol. 3 - (The Subliminal Verses) in 2004. Slipknot have released their next studio album by the name All Hope Is Gone on August 26, 2008. Preparation for the album started in October 2007 with recording pushed back to February 2008, for this release the group has expressed an interest in making it their heaviest album to date with an expansion of the thrash metal riffing introduced on Vol 3, however, they also want to make it their most experimental record, and it includes more acoustic guitars and melodic vocals, as well as introducing hi-hats and cymbals to the additional percussion. The album is their first work with Dave Fortman as producer, along with the album, the band have debuted "evolved" masks and uniforms, which match the style of the new album. Slipknot headlined the first ever Mayhem Festival festival in July and August 2008.

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