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Download Mobile Sigur Ros Ringtones and Mp3 Melodies

Each mobile owner today can download Sigur Ros ringtones in the three most frequently used audio formats in recent days - monophonic, midi and mp3. The core of richest Internet lists of lovely ringers naturally comprises "Gobbledigook", "Inní mér syngur vitleysingur", "Gódan daginn", "Vid spilum endalaust", and of course, "Straumnes". Great variety of hot mobile melodies is currently available through the networks of AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. In addition, most attractive ringing sounds constantly will work with best possible quality on different models of Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony Ericsson. That is why, you already get the chance to receive all your preferable realtones through plenty of comfortable and fast WAP services, presented online. On the other hand, each mobile owner also can download ringtones as a special registration bonus for choosing one or another cell phone accessories Internet provider. Our rich collection of lovely Sigur Ros ringtones for download could be really effective solution to personalize your particular phone and in this way, you will never miss any important call in your life.

Download Sigur Ros Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Gobbledigook Send Gobbledigook by Sigur Ros
2. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur Send Inní mér syngur vitleysingur by Sigur Ros
3. Gódan daginn Send Gódan daginn by Sigur Ros
4. Vid spilum endalaust Send Vid spilum endalaust by Sigur Ros
5. Festival Send Festival by Sigur Ros
6. Med sud í eyrum Send Med sud í eyrum by Sigur Ros
7. Ára bátur Send Ára bátur by Sigur Ros
8. Íllgresi Send Íllgresi by Sigur Ros
9. Fljótavík Send Fljótavík by Sigur Ros
10. Straumnes Send Straumnes by Sigur Ros
11. All Alright Send All Alright by Sigur Ros
12. Svefn g englar Send Svefn g englar by Sigur Ros
13. Staralfur Send Staralfur by Sigur Ros
14. Flugufrelsarinn Send Flugufrelsarinn by Sigur Ros
15. Ny batteri Send Ny batteri by Sigur Ros
16. Hjartad hamast Send Hjartad hamast by Sigur Ros
17. Vidrar vel til loftarasa Send Vidrar vel til loftarasa by Sigur Ros
18. Olsen olsen Send Olsen olsen by Sigur Ros
19. Agaetis byrjun Send Agaetis byrjun by Sigur Ros
20. Avalon Send Avalon by Sigur Ros
21. Salka Send Salka by Sigur Ros
22. Hljómalind Send Hljómalind by Sigur Ros
23. Í Gær Send Í Gær by Sigur Ros
24. Von Send Von by Sigur Ros
25. Hafsól Send Hafsól by Sigur Ros
26. Toxic Send Toxic by Sigur Ros
27. Samskeyti Send Samskeyti by Sigur Ros
28. Starálfur Send Starálfur by Sigur Ros
29. Voka Send Voka by Sigur Ros
30. Ágætis Byrjun Send Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Ros
31. Heysátan Send Heysátan by Sigur Ros

Sigur Rós` lead singer Jónsi Birgisson is popular with his falsetto voice. The band is Icelandic post-rock with melodic, classical and minimalist elements, also known for its ethereal sound. In November 2007 NME reported that the group was recording its fifth regular studio album, with producer Flood. Their member Orri Páll Dýrason was predicting a late 2008 release date. They were said to have recorded in a house in downtown Reykjavík, and to have written the foundations for several songs already. A year later in late February 2008 it was reported at Sigur Rós' official website that the band, together with producer Flood, had recorded the foundation of the forthcoming album. One of the 11 songs recorded, was played for a small audience during the closing party of Reykjavík venue Sirkus and the album was released on June 23. It is said to be stylistically different, featuring fewer strings and more guitar, according to the band's official website, on 24th April 2008 the singers were recording at Abbey Road Studios in London with a boy's choir, the London Oratory School Schola and a 67-piece orchestra. The lyrics in that album would also be "more understandable to the public than on previous albums", according to Orri. His statement fueled speculation that the album may have lyrics in English. Shortly after, emerged that there is one track sung in English on the album, named "All Alright", however, the rest of the album is all in Icelandic.

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