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Get Hottest Shelby Lynne Ringtones for Download

All subscribers of Cingular and Sprint on the global mobile market already receive large variety of options to download Shelby Lynne ringtones directly on their computers or mobile phones. Basically, if you have modern Sony Ericsson model, you should at any rate review certain additional rich online selections of valuable realtones. Remember that big collections of attractive mobile ringtones could also be found through the mobile operators such as AT and T, Edge, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. So, today, you could extremely easily receive your most beloved ringers also as surprising bonus melodies through the convenient WAP services of different web pages. On the other hand, through Internet, you also will be able to get long set of lovely Shelby Lynne true tones in three easy fast steps - write your phone number on particular website, take special permission code from it and at the end enter this combination on the same site. Current richest sets of deserving interest cell tones are naturally compatible with most models of Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Some most recently presented Shelby Lynne ring tones in specific video format naturally occur to be another interesting and effective decision for the deeper customization of each mobile phone now. At the end, always keep in mind that all these cool Shelby Lynne ringtones are virtually great way to stand out in a boring and somehow disturbing ringing crowd around you.

Download Shelby Lynne Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Just A Little Lovin' Send Just A Little Lovin' by Shelby Lynne
2. Anyone Who Had A Heart Send Anyone Who Had A Heart by Shelby Lynne
3. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me Send You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Shelby Lynne
4. I Only Want To Be With You Send I Only Want To Be With You by Shelby Lynne
5. The Look Of Love Send The Look Of Love by Shelby Lynne
6. Breakfast In Bed Send Breakfast In Bed by Shelby Lynne
7. Willie And Lauramae Jones Send Willie And Lauramae Jones by Shelby Lynne
8. I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore Send I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore by Shelby Lynne
9. Pretend Send Pretend by Shelby Lynne
10. How Can I Be Sure Send How Can I Be Sure by Shelby Lynne
11. Your Lies Send Your Lies by Shelby Lynne
12. Leavin' Send Leavin' by Shelby Lynne
13. Life Is Bad Send Life Is Bad by Shelby Lynne
14. Thought It Would Be Easier Send Thought It Would Be Easier by Shelby Lynne
15. Gotta Get Back Send Gotta Get Back by Shelby Lynne
16. Why Can't You Be? Send Why Can't You Be? by Shelby Lynne
17. Lookin' Up Send Lookin' Up by Shelby Lynne
18. Dreamsome Send Dreamsome by Shelby Lynne
19. Where I'm From Send Where I'm From by Shelby Lynne
20. Black Light Blue Send Black Light Blue by Shelby Lynne
21. The Hurtin' Side Send The Hurtin' Side by Shelby Lynne
22. I'll Lie Myself To Sleep Send I'll Lie Myself To Sleep by Shelby Lynne
23. Things Are Tough All Over Send Things Are Tough All Over by Shelby Lynne
24. It Might Be Me Send It Might Be Me by Shelby Lynne
25. Feelin' Kind Of Lonely Tonight Send Feelin' Kind Of Lonely Tonight by Shelby Lynne
26. Killin' Kind Send Killin' Kind by Shelby Lynne
27. Wall In Your Heart Send Wall In Your Heart by Shelby Lynne
28. Break Me Open Send Break Me Open by Shelby Lynne
29. Jesus On A Greyhound Send Jesus On A Greyhound by Shelby Lynne
30. I Can't Wait Send I Can't Wait by Shelby Lynne
31. Telephone Send Telephone by Shelby Lynne
32. Where Am I Now Send Where Am I Now by Shelby Lynne

An American country music singer, songwriter and actress - Shelby Lynne, who was born on October 22, 1968, Quantico, Virginia won a Grammy Award in 2001 for Best New Artist. Her first recording for Epic was a duet with George Jones, "If I Could Bottle This Up", became a top-50 hit in 1988. Epic teamed Lynne with producer Billy Sherrill for her 1989 fisrt album by the name Sunrise and the next one 1990's Tough All Over, took more of a mainstream country direction, and 1991's Soft Talk found Shelby moving into slick country-pop. Lynne placed several tracks on the country charts during this period, but none succeed to break into the top 20. Critics generally regarded her as a rising to fame talented singer, and she won the ACM's Top New Female Vocalist in 1990. Lynne moved to Palm Springs in 1998 and released the confessional and eclectic Rhythm and Blues album by the name "I Am Shelby Lynne" in 1999 (released in US in 2000) to wide critical acclai,; on the strength of this album she won a Grammy award for "Best New Artist", despite the fact that she had been recording and releasing records for more than 10 years (which she referred to in her acceptance speech). Her 2001 next album, entitled Love, the famous singer featured a slicker, more pop-influenced sound, it was a moderate commercial success but received mixed reviews. Two years later, Shelby released the critically-acclaimed Identity Crisis produced, engineered, and mixed by Bruce Robb (producer) in association with Bruce Robb Productions.

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