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Most wanted Seether ringtones still remain "FMLYHM","Like Suicide" and "No Jesus Christ". At our site we offer all of the newest ringers for download - just follow the simple instructions and download tones on your mobile phone. At these days, most online collections of cell ringing melodies are predominantly in mp3 audio format. It could be good for you to consider in advance that you already have the option to download ringtones only in a seconds through WAP-enabled mobile phone and various Internet WAP services, but you should always check if chosen mobile Seether ring tones are virtually compatible with your own cellphone. Also, mind the opportunity to take remarkable phone melodies due to various ready for use combinations in RTTTL, keypress or melody composing format. Due to the huge development of the entire telecommunications industry at recent days, you could already quickly and unnoticeably get the latest Seether ringtones through comfortable and secured enough blue-tooth or USB connection. At the end never forget to visit our top 20 billboard chart and get the latest mobile ringtones to your cell phone.

Download Seether Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Like Suicide Send Like Suicide by Seether
2. Fake It Send Fake It by Seether
3. Breakdown Send Breakdown by Seether
4. FMLYHM Send FMLYHM by Seether
5. Fallen Send Fallen by Seether
6. Rise Above This Send Rise Above This by Seether
7. No Jesus Christ Send No Jesus Christ by Seether
8. 6 Gun Quota Send 6 Gun Quota by Seether
9. Walk Away From the Sun Send Walk Away From the Sun by Seether
10. Eyes of the Devil Send Eyes of the Devil by Seether
11. Don't Believe Send Don't Believe by Seether
12. Waste Send Waste by Seether
13. Because of Me Send Because of Me by Seether
14. Remedy Send Remedy by Seether
15. Truth Send Truth by Seether
16. Gift Send Gift by Seether
17. Burrito Send Burrito by Seether
18. Given Send Given by Seether
19. Never Leave Send Never Leave by Seether
20. World Falls Away Send World Falls Away by Seether
21. Tongue Send Tongue by Seether
22. Iím The One Send Iím The One by Seether
23. Simplest Mistake Send Simplest Mistake by Seether
24. Diseased Send Diseased by Seether
25. Plastic Man Send Plastic Man by Seether

Originally called Saron Gas and signed to Musketeer Records in South Africa the post-grunge band Seether from South Africa changed their name in 2002, coinciding with the release of their second album and major label debut, Disclaimer. After Disclaimer was released, the group went on a non-stop touring route in hopes of boosting sales and name recognition and upon completing the tour, they had planned to go into the studio and record their next release. However, they were instead tapped to support Evanescence on a worldwide tour that postponed their recording plans by almost a year. On this tour, the talanted singers reworked the acoustic ballad named "Broken" into an electric ballad and had Amy Lee of Evanescence share vocal duties with Morgan during live performances. Inspired by the positive reaction they got on the road and perhaps fueled by a budding romance between Lee and Morgan, they headed into the studio and quickly recorded an alternate version of "Broken" with Amy Lee on vocals. The song, along with a new song entitled "Sold Me", and became a hit by featuring on the soundtrack for the 2004 film The Punisher and was massively successful, bringing the group even more glory in the US, the UK and Australia in particular. Morgan has explained that the hit song relates an incident where the group was subjected to what the record company wanted rather than what the group wanted.

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