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Download Mobile Ringtones

If you want to download ringtones our page is the best place for you. We offer you some free ringtones, bonus tones and a huge variety of high quality and cheap ringers for your cell phone.

Modern mobile ringtones have become extremely diverse, leading to cell phone personalization and customization, while the older ones simply used a couple of bells for the ringer. Latest cell phones allow users to associate various ringtones for different phone-book entries and because of this today many free ringtones makers develop their brands according to the special desires of the users and taking the advantage of the new technological opportunities. For example, many websites already let users make cell phone ringtones from their own music and upload them directly to their handset with no limit on the number of the received songs. Furthermore, an essential advantage of this process is the music editor that allows customers easily pick the parts of the song they wish to have as mobile phone ringers. These services determine automatically the particular handset settings to ensure the best file type and format for obtaining the desired melody.

Some providers have already edited and trimmed each song for you, while others also allow you to create your own music, either with a "melody composer" or a sample/loop arranger, but they use formats which are only available to one particular mobile phone model or brand. Although MIDI or MP3 formats are usually supported by all mobile brands, they must be downloaded to the cell phone before they could be used as mp3 ringtones. Commercial realtones take advantage of this technology, which has led to the huge success of the mobile music industry noadays. The latest innovation is the sing ringtone, a type of karaoke ring tones where the recording of the voice of the user is adjusted to be both in time and in tune then mixed with a backing track to make a user-created tone.

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