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Get Real Rick Ross Ringtones for Your Cell Phone Here

At recent days, you could very easily download through our web lots of charming Rick Ross ringtones. There is great number of mobile ringtones, available in great diversity of audio formats, such as midi, mp3, sp-midi, MMF and WAV. Undoubtedly, "Clean Money" and "Career Criminal" remain among most wanted ringers at these days. Large selections of mp3 ringtones are supported by mobile operators such as AT and T, Nextel, Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Also, if you have latest phone model, you will be able to download ringtones in RTTTL, keypress or melodies composers formats. Most current cell tones are compatible with Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. On the other hand, you could also download mobile melodies directly on your computer and then to upload them onto your mobile phone through steady and convenient UBS or blue-tooth connection. Great variety of cell sounds for download could be obtained via comfortable WAP services, too. Some unique collections of mobile Rick Ross ringtones are currently supported by Cingular and Verizon.

Download Rick Ross Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Clean Money Send Clean Money by Rick Ross
2. Career Criminal Send Career Criminal by Rick Ross
3. Shades On Send Shades On by Rick Ross
4. Keep Stuntin' Send Keep Stuntin' by Rick Ross
5. Come See Me Send Come See Me by Rick Ross
6. Smoke Break Send Smoke Break by Rick Ross
7. Mind Playing Tricks On M Send Mind Playing Tricks On M by Rick Ross
8. M.I. Yayo Send M.I. Yayo by Rick Ross
9. Mug Shot Send Mug Shot by Rick Ross
10. Where You From Send Where You From by Rick Ross
11. Stuntin' Send Stuntin' by Rick Ross
12. Killswitch Send Killswitch by Rick Ross
13. Got It Made Send Got It Made by Rick Ross
14. Make a Move Send Make a Move by Rick Ross
15. Projects Send Projects by Rick Ross
16. Fed Ex Send Fed Ex by Rick Ross
17. Trilla Send Trilla by Rick Ross
18. All I Have In This World Send All I Have In This World by Rick Ross
19. The Boss Send The Boss by Rick Ross
20. Speedin' Send Speedin' by Rick Ross
21. We Shinin' Send We Shinin' by Rick Ross
22. Money Make Me Come Send Money Make Me Come by Rick Ross
23. DJ Khaled Interlude Send DJ Khaled Interlude by Rick Ross
24. This Is The Life Send This Is The Life by Rick Ross
25. This Me Send This Me by Rick Ross
26. Here I Am Send Here I Am by Rick Ross
27. Maybach Music Send Maybach Music by Rick Ross
28. Billionaire Send Billionaire by Rick Ross
29. Luxury Tax Send Luxury Tax by Rick Ross
30. Reppin My City Send Reppin My City by Rick Ross
31. I'm Only Human Send I'm Only Human by Rick Ross

Rick Ross` real name is William Roberts, who was born on January 21, 1977 in Carol City, Florida. He is well known American hip-hop artist, signed with Slip-N-Slide, which as of 2007, is distributed under Def Jam Records. On August 8, 2006 his first album named "Port of Miami" was released with the lead single "Hustlin'" peaking number 7 on the hip-hop chart and #54 on the Billboard Hot 100, also available as cell ringtones. Port of Miami is certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. A remix of "Hustlin" featuring Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and also achieved some popularity in digital downloads. His close relations with friends in the Haitian community and occasional references to Haiti in his music has led to reports that he is of Haitian descent. He was asked about this connection in a March 11, 2008, interview with BET where they asked him - You’re always biggin’ up Haitians and there’s a rumor that it’s your ethnicity, any truth to that, but he denied the rumors and explained that two of his best friends are Haitian and he started eating that food, we be smoking together. In 2006, the rising star founded Rick Ross Charities Inc, which offers educational, social and mentoring programs and he is also a part of Poe Boy Entertainment, a Miami-based Hip-Hop label formed in 1999 by his manager Eldrin "E-Class" Prince.

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