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Order Thousands of Coolest Ratatat Ringtones for Your Cell Phone

If you are interested in contemporary electronic music, you undoubtedly will be happy to personalize your particular cell phone with some hot Ratatat ringtones from our large collection. Every mobile owner today could very easily review great online diversity of remarkable realtones in the three most frequently used audio formats - monophonic, midi or mp3. In other words, you already have the option to get all your beloved true tones just in few seconds through the convenient WAP services, available through the web. Also, mind the fact that all cool cell tones, presented through the web, typically will come together with plenty of attractive photos, animations, cell phone wallpapers, screensavers and other amusing mobile applications, associated with this talented electronic group. Also, don`t forget the fact that most of these charming mobile ringing melodies for download are usually compatible with various models of Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Sagem, Samsung, and Siemens. In general, you are already able to download ringtones in three easy steps - enter your number on a our web page, get common SMS with special identifying code in it and at the end write this combination down on the same page. Enjoy with our infinite collection of mobile Ratatat ringtones for download!

Download Ratatat Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Shiller Send Shiller by Ratatat
2. Falcon Jab Send Falcon Jab by Ratatat
3. Mi Viejo Send Mi Viejo by Ratatat
4. Mirando Send Mirando by Ratatat
5. Flynn Send Flynn by Ratatat
6. Bird-Priest Send Bird-Priest by Ratatat
7. Shempi Send Shempi by Ratatat
8. Imperials Send Imperials by Ratatat
9. Dura Send Dura by Ratatat
10. Bruleé Send Bruleé by Ratatat
11. Mumtaz Khan Send Mumtaz Khan by Ratatat
12. Gipsy Threat Send Gipsy Threat by Ratatat
13. Black Heros Send Black Heros by Ratatat
14. Montanita Send Montanita by Ratatat
15. Lex Send Lex by Ratatat
16. Gettysburg Send Gettysburg by Ratatat
17. Wildcat Send Wildcat by Ratatat
18. Tropicana Send Tropicana by Ratatat
19. Loud Pipes Send Loud Pipes by Ratatat
20. Kennedy Send Kennedy by Ratatat
21. Swisha Send Swisha by Ratatat
22. Nostrand Send Nostrand by Ratatat
23. Tacobel Canon Send Tacobel Canon by Ratatat
24. Seventeen Years Send Seventeen Years by Ratatat
25. El Pico Send El Pico by Ratatat
26. Crips Send Crips by Ratatat
27. Desert Eagle Send Desert Eagle by Ratatat
28. Everest Send Everest by Ratatat
29. Bustelo Send Bustelo by Ratatat
30. Breaking Away Send Breaking Away by Ratatat
31. Lapland Send Lapland by Ratatat
32. Germany To Germany Send Germany To Germany by Ratatat
33. Spanish Armada Send Spanish Armada by Ratatat
34. Cherry Send Cherry by Ratatat

The electronic music duo - Ratatat was founded in New York City by the guitarist Mike Stroud and synthesizer driver and producer Evan Mast. Stroud and Mast first met as Skidmore College students, but they started to work together after recorded several songs under the name Cherry in 2001. Their 2004 first album named Ratatat, was written and recorded in Mast's Crown Heights, Brooklyn apartment on Stroud's PowerBook. It is entirely instrumental, except for occasional excerpts of dialog at the beginning and end of some songs. For touring in 2006, a third member, Jacob Morris, joined the duo on keyboard. The band started out releasing their first single titled "Seventeen Years" on Evan and his brother's record label Audio Dregs label in the US and Rex Records in the UK. Soon after they released that single again on Evan and his brother E*Rock's record label Audio Dregs. They then signed for XL Recordings, releasing their debut album and the single by the name Germany to Germany. The talanted band occasionally remixes others for collected release on Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 (which garnered the attention of Rolling Stone), as well as the later second volume, both of which were self-released in co-operation with Audio Dregs. Both musicians have had experience with other projects, including Mast's E*vax and King Pang and Stroud's stage work with B4-4, Joe Satriani and Manowar. Ratatat has toured with groups and singers including stars like Björk, Daft Punk, Mouse on Mars, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, CSS, The Faint, Super Furry Animals, Clinic, Panther and The Killers.

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