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Get Latest Rakim Ringtones for Download Fast and Easy

Today, Rakim ringtones already prove themselves as best quality ringtones for each phone model. Also, each mobile owner who likes jazz music, could quite easily and quickly download Rakims ringtones through the web. Simply, he should enter his mobile number on the chosen website, waits till receives common SMS with specific code in it and enter this combination on the same page again. These large selections of Rakim ringers are supported mainly by AT and T, Cingular, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. Some valuable additional options for receiving Rakim true tones are available also for all models of Sony Ericsson. Also, keep in mind that you could very easily get your favourite mobile ringtones through our convenient WAP service. Furthermore, every mobile owner already can get long range of lovely ringing melodies in traditional monophonic or midi audio format. Also, remember that all fresh Rakim ring tones, presented through the web, will be accompanied by plenty of useful mobile accessories, such as logos, graphics, wallpapers or photos, concerning this talented singer. At the end, different owners of Nokia on the global mobile market could comfortably and easily personalize their phones with great diversity of unforgettable Rakim ringtones for download.

Download Rakim Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. I Ain't No Joke Send I Ain't No Joke by Rakim
2. Eric B. Is on the Cut Send Eric B. Is on the Cut by Rakim
3. My Melody - Eric B. & Rakim, Rakim Send My Melody - Eric B. & Rakim, Rakim by Rakim
4. I Know You Got Soul Send I Know You Got Soul by Rakim
5. Move the Crowd Send Move the Crowd by Rakim
6. Paid in Full Send Paid in Full by Rakim
7. As the Rhyme Goes On Send As the Rhyme Goes On by Rakim
8. Chinese Arithmetic Send Chinese Arithmetic by Rakim
9. Eric B. Is President Send Eric B. Is President by Rakim
10. Extended Beat Send Extended Beat by Rakim
11. As the Rhyme Goes On Send As the Rhyme Goes On by Rakim
12. Paid in Full [Mini Madness- The Coldcut Remix] Send Paid in Full [Mini Madness- The Coldcut Remix] by Rakim
13. The 18th Letter Send The 18th Letter by Rakim
14. It's Been A Long Time Send It's Been A Long Time by Rakim
15. Remember That Send Remember That by Rakim
16. The Saga Begins Send The Saga Begins by Rakim
17. Guess Who's Back Send Guess Who's Back by Rakim
18. Stay A While Send Stay A While by Rakim
19. New York (Ya Out There) Send New York (Ya Out There) by Rakim
20. Show Me Love Send Show Me Love by Rakim
21. The Mystery (Who Is God?) Send The Mystery (Who Is God?) by Rakim
22. When I'm Flowin' Send When I'm Flowin' by Rakim
23. Follow The Leader Send Follow The Leader by Rakim
24. Microphone Fiend Send Microphone Fiend by Rakim
25. Lyrics Of Fury Send Lyrics Of Fury by Rakim
26. Know The Ledge Send Know The Ledge by Rakim
27. Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em Send Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em by Rakim
28. Mahogany Send Mahogany by Rakim
29. In The Ghetto Send In The Ghetto by Rakim
30. Casualties Of War Send Casualties Of War by Rakim

Rakim`s full name is Rakim Allah, who was born as William Michael Griffin on January 28, 1968 in Wyandanch, Long Island, New York, he is a legendary American MC and pioneer of the musical genre of hip hop. Eric B and Rakim broke up in 1992 after releasing four albums, due to legal wrangling over royalties and his contracts with both his record label and with Eric B, Rakim didn`t release a solo album for the next five years. He signed with his good friend at the time DeShamus "Q=BOB" Sallis of Q=BOB Records but the label folded soon after that and he then returned in 1997 with The 18th Letter, which included collaborations with DJ Premier and Pete Rock, released in two versions, one of which included an Eric B and Rakim greatest hits disc by the name The Book of Life. The critical reception of the album wasn`t negative, and it was certified gold. In 1999, Rakim released The Master, which received very positive words as well. Rakim was signed to Dr Dre's Aftermath Entertainment record label in 2000, for work on an album tentatively entitled Oh, My God, which underwent numerous changes in artistic direction and personnel and was delayed several times. While working on this album, the famous hip hop singer made guest appearances on numerous Aftermath projects, including the hit single "Addictive" by Truth Hurts, the Dr Dre-produced "The Watcher Part 2" by Jay-Z, and Eminem's 8 Mile soundtrack.

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