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Here we offer you plenty of polyphonic ringers. This is kind of tones which does not contain artists voices or instrumental performances. Usually cell phone ring tones are encoded using the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) or similar encoding formats, many of which have been developed for mechanical music delivery.

The mobile music market initially started with monophonic ringtonesl, which were the earliest form of ringers, and played one tone at a time. Polyphonic ringtones are that make use of polyphony and many cell phones make use of it as they offer customers more options in customization. Polyphonic ringers are much more sophisticated than regular monophonic melodies.

With increasing mobile market and technology development the number of voices was steadily increased. This was improved upon with poly melodies, which played several tones at the same time so a more convincing melody could be created. For sure, they are better than monophonic ringtones, however, they still sound more like an old video game than real music. This kind of tones are the successor of monophonic ringtones but the immediate predecessor to true ringtones. This is in contrast to MP3 ringtones, for example, which will play digitally sampled recordings with best quality.

True tones are the most popular form of ringers. They capture 3/4 of the US ringtone market in the second quarter of 2007, followed by monophonic tones, polyphonic ringtones and ringback tones. But monophonic and polyphonic melodies are falling in popularity while ringback tones are growing. They only require the payment of the publishing royalty. Sign up in our great mobile database and get plenty of cheap ringers in all kinds of format!

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