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Different subscribers of Sprint on the global telecommunications market today receive lots of extra chances to download Plies ringtones, designed especially for them. Also, huge abundance of extraordinary free ringtones is currently supported by AT and T, Edge, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. If you have more unconventional music taste, you undoubtedly will pleased to familiarize yourself with great online abundance of mobile ringtones, frequently accompanied by other amusing mobile accessories, related to this band, such as various photos, wallpapers, animations and etc. The majority of the surprising free Plies ringtones, which every mobile owner now can easily encounter through the web still remain in midi audio format. Never forget that all these lovely Plies ringtones surely will work with best possible quality on most handsets of Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson and other reputable mobile brands. You can download free ringtones from our home page by clicking on the button under the "Download" section and then upload them to your mobile phone.

Download Plies Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. I'm Da Man [Feat. Trey Songz] Send I'm Da Man [Feat. Trey Songz] by Plies
2. Ol' Lady Send Ol' Lady by Plies
3. Bushes? Send Bushes by Plies
4. Worth Goin FED Fo Send Worth Goin FED Fo by Plies
5. Dat B**ch Send Dat B**ch by Plies
6. Somebody Send Somebody by Plies
7. Feel Like F**ckin Send Feel Like F**ckin by Plies
8. Watch Dis Send Watch Dis by Plies
9. Who Hotter Than Me Send Who Hotter Than Me by Plies
10. 1 Day Send 1 Day by Plies
11. Bust It Baby Part 2 [Feat. Ne-Yo] Send Bust It Baby Part 2 [Feat. Ne-Yo] by Plies
12. S**t Bag Send S**t Bag by Plies
13. Please Excuse My Hands [Feat. Jamie Foxx & The-Dream] Send Please Excuse My Hands [Feat. Jamie Foxx & The-Dream] by Plies
14. Rich Folk Send Rich Folk by Plies
15. #1 Fan [Feat. Keyshia Cole & J. Holiday] Send #1 Fan [Feat. Keyshia Cole & J. Holiday] by Plies
16. The Real Testament Intro Send The Real Testament Intro by Plies
17. 100 Years Send 100 Years by Plies
18. I Kno U Workin Send I Kno U Workin by Plies
19. On My D*** Send On My D*** by Plies
20. 1 Mo Time Send 1 Mo Time by Plies
21. I Am The Club Send I Am The Club by Plies
22. Runnin My Momma Crazy Send Runnin My Momma Crazy by Plies
23. Shawty [Featuring T Pain] Send Shawty [Featuring T Pain] by Plies
24. Friday Send Friday by Plies
25. Goons Lurkin Send Goons Lurkin by Plies
26. Kept It Too Real Send Kept It Too Real by Plies
27. You (featuring Tank) Send You (featuring Tank) by Plies
28. Money Straight Send Money Straight by Plies
29. Hypnotized (featuring Akon) Send Hypnotized (featuring Akon) by Plies
30. Murkin Season Send Murkin Season by Plies

Plies who is also known with his birth name Algernod Lanier Washington was born on July 1, 1976. Here you can read more about this talanted American rapper and download ringtones to your handset. He has graduated from Fort Myers High School in 1994. In his early career Plies started with his brother Levatte the Big Gates Records in 1999. Levatte served as CEO, President, among other things, while he initially developed the label's artists. Washington initially refused to rap, but then rapped on the song "Tell Dem Krackers Dat", which eventually found its way to Slip-N-Slide Records, landing him his record deal and after the success of "Tell Dem Krackers Dat", Big Gates Records would go on to release 2 more Plies mixtapes including "36 Ounces", and "100% Real Nigga". He was the original rap artist on the song "I Wanna Love You" (also named "I Wanna Fuck You"), which became a hit song for rappers Akon and Snoop Dogg and "I Wanna Love You" achieved unexpected sudden success, reaching the 17th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 without a promotional video or physical CD release, and then topping the chart for two consecutive weeks.

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