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Send Coolest Pink Ringtones to Your Mobile Phone Now

At these days, Pink mp3 ringtones already prove themselves as best quality ringtones for each phone model. Also, each mobile owner who likes pop music, could quite easily and quickly download Pinks ringtones through the web. Simply, he should enter his mobile number on the chosen website, waits till receives simple SMS with specific code in it and enter this combination on the same page again. These large selections of Pink realtones are supported mainly by AT and T, Cingular, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. Some valuable additional options for receiving Pink ringing melodies are available also for all models of Motorola. Also, keep in mind that you could very easily obtain your most beloved mobile music tones through our convenient WAP service. Additionally, every mobile owner already can get long range of lovely Pink ringers in traditional monophonic or midi audio format. Also, don`t forget that all fresh Pink ringtones, presented through the web, will be accompanied by plenty of interesting mobile accessories, such as logos, wallpapers or photos, concerning this talented singer. At the end, different owners of Nokia on the global mobile market could comfortably and easily personalize their mobile phones with large diversity of remarkable Pink ringtones for download.

Download Pink Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Stupid Girls Send Stupid Girls by Pink
2. Who Knew Send Who Knew by Pink
3. Long Way To Happy Send Long Way To Happy by Pink
4. Nobody Knows Send Nobody Knows by Pink
5. Dear Mr. President Featuring Indigo Girls Send Dear Mr. President Featuring Indigo Girls by Pink
6. I'm Not Dead Send I'm Not Dead by Pink
7. 'Cuz I Can Send 'Cuz I Can by Pink
8. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) Send Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) by Pink
9. U + Ur Hand Send U + Ur Hand by Pink
10. Runaway Send Runaway by Pink
11. The One That Got Away Send The One That Got Away by Pink
12. I Got Money Now Send I Got Money Now by Pink
13. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self Send Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self by Pink
14. I Have Seen The Rain (Featuring James T. Moore) Send I Have Seen The Rain (Featuring James T. Moore) by Pink
15. M!ssundaztood Send M!ssundaztood by Pink
16. Don't Let Me Get Me Send Don't Let Me Get Me by Pink
17. Just Like A Pill Send Just Like A Pill by Pink
18. Get The Party Started Send Get The Party Started by Pink
19. Respect Send Respect by Pink
20. 18 Wheeler Send 18 Wheeler by Pink
21. Family Portrait Send Family Portrait by Pink
22. Misery Send Misery by Pink
23. Dear Diary Send Dear Diary by Pink
24. Eventually Send Eventually by Pink
25. Lonely Girl Send Lonely Girl by Pink
26. Numb Send Numb by Pink
27. Gone To California Send Gone To California by Pink
28. My Vietnam Send My Vietnam by Pink
29. Split Personality Send Split Personality by Pink
30. Hell Wit Ya Send Hell Wit Ya by Pink
31. Most Girls Send Most Girls by Pink
32. There You Go Send There You Go by Pink
33. You Make Me Sick Send You Make Me Sick by Pink
34. Let Me Let You Know Send Let Me Let You Know by Pink
35. Love Is Such A Crazy Thing Send Love Is Such A Crazy Thing by Pink
36. Private Show Send Private Show by Pink
37. Can't Take Me Home Send Can't Take Me Home by Pink
38. Stop Falling Send Stop Falling by Pink
39. Do What U Do Send Do What U Do by Pink
40. Hiccup Send Hiccup by Pink
41. Is It Love Send Is It Love by Pink

Pink`s real name is Alecia Beth Moore and she was born on September 8, 1979, she is a two-time Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter who gained prominence in 2000. When Pink was in high school, a gay friend of hers said he had never seen female anatomy, so, she showed him and he proclaimed, "its pink", the famous singer said this herself in an interview on THS, and so she was nicknamed Pink. Later on, Pink decided to use that as her musical alias. Pink co-produced her first album, entitled Can't Take Me Home, with Babyface and Steve Rhythm, and released it in April 2000. A substantial success, it went double platinum in the US, sold more than 5 million copies all over the world and produced two US top ten singles - "There You Go" and "Most Girls" (which reached number one in Australia). The album's next single, entitled "You Make Me Sick", became a smaller US top forty hit and UK top ten hit in early 2001 and was featured in the film Save the Last Dance. Pink later acknowledged, with regard to Can't Take Me Home, that she chose to relinquish creative control to her own record label and that she didn`t like the music she made at this time or her image, which included bright pink hair. Tired of being marketed as another cookie-cutter pop act and eager to become a more serious songwriter and musician, the young female singer took her sound in a new direction and sought more creative control during the recording of her next album.

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