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Send Coolest Mobile Nifelheim Ringtones for Black Metal Lovers

All subscribers of Cingular today receive plenty of extra options to download Nifelheim real mp3 ringtones. Also, mind the fact, that different owners of Motorola phones on the contemporary telecommunications market have the option to get their preferable mobile Nifelheim ringtones from long series of sources, designed predominantly for them. Large collections of lovely Nifelheim ring tones today are supported by most reliable mobile carriers, such as Vodafone, AT and T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Nextel. So, if you like black metal music, you undoubtedly will enjoy large variety of fresh mobile Nifelheim ringers for download, presented through the web. Anyway, if you decide to personalize your cell phone with some new ringing, you should always mind that the majority of currently distributed Nifelheim true tones still remain in midi audio format. Due to this feature, every mobile owner now could fast and easily download ringtones from variety of specialized websites through their fast and secure WAP services. The majority of these fresh Nifelheim realtones will constantly work with best possible quality on various models of Samsung, Nokia, Panasonic, Sagem, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson. At the end, it could makes lots of sense for you to review various Internet collections of Nifelheim ringtones for download in complicated video format whenever you look for some new ringing sounds for your mobile phone.

Download Nifelheim Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Infernal Flame Of Destruction Send Infernal Flame Of Destruction by Nifelheim
2. Evocation Of The Flesh Send Evocation Of The Flesh by Nifelheim
3. Gates Of Damnation Send Gates Of Damnation by Nifelheim
4. Claws Of Death Send Claws Of Death by Nifelheim
5. Storm Of The Reaper Send Storm Of The Reaper by Nifelheim
6. Envoy Of Lucifer Send Envoy Of Lucifer by Nifelheim
7. Evil Is Eternal Send Evil Is Eternal by Nifelheim
8. Raging Flames Send Raging Flames by Nifelheim
9. Belial's Prey Send Belial's Prey by Nifelheim
10. No More Life Send No More Life by Nifelheim
11. Devastation Send Devastation by Nifelheim
12. Black Curse Send Black Curse by Nifelheim
13. Unholy Death Send Unholy Death by Nifelheim
14. Possessed by Evil Send Possessed by Evil by Nifelheim
15. Sodomizer Send Sodomizer by Nifelheim
16. Satanic Sacrifice Send Satanic Sacrifice by Nifelheim
17. Storm of Satan's Fire Send Storm of Satan's Fire by Nifelheim
18. Witchfuck Send Witchfuck by Nifelheim
19. Evil Blasphemies Send Evil Blasphemies by Nifelheim
20. Sadistic Blood Massacre Send Sadistic Blood Massacre by Nifelheim
21. Black Evil Send Black Evil by Nifelheim
22. Bestial Avenger Send Bestial Avenger by Nifelheim
23. War Of Doom Send War Of Doom by Nifelheim
24. Servants Of Darkness Send Servants Of Darkness by Nifelheim
25. Infernal Desolation Send Infernal Desolation by Nifelheim
26. Into The Morbid Black Send Into The Morbid Black by Nifelheim
27. Sacrifice To The Lord Of Darkness Send Sacrifice To The Lord Of Darkness by Nifelheim

The popular metal band Nifelheim was founded in 1990 by TYRANT (bestial holocaust bass/guitar)Nifelheim, DEMON (pounding disaster drums) and HELLBUTCHER (death vomit vocals) and guitarist MORBID SLAUGHTER joined them shortly. Around New Years 92/93 the group made their first recording and released the legendary landmark of metal by the name "Unholy Death DEMO". Reviewers were shocked, Nifelheim delivered music unheard of since the glory days of VENOM, HELLHAMMERNifelheim, BATHORY and MAYHEM. Very good comments in mags and a massive underground word of mouth got the record labels interested. The talanted singers signed with Necropolis Records and in 1994, after kicking out MORBID SLAUGHTER they entered STUDIO FREDMAN to record their self titled debut album. The group is still banned from that studio, John Zweetsloot and Jon Nodtveidt from DISSECTION joined in to play guitar on the album that thoroughly crushed all competition. In 1996 they recorded a VULCANO-cover (featuring GOAT ex SATANIZED) on vocals for the HEADBANGER'S AGAINST DISCO 7" series as well as participate on the GUMMO movie soundtrack released by Polygram/London records and a year later they recorded their next album by the name THE Devil's Force. One more time a devastating blow to everything wimpy in the metal scene and once again with help by John and Jon. Of course it was greeted with great reviews throughout the world, as Nifelheim again showed how Black metal was (and still is for that matter) supposed to be played!

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