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Mobile Java Applications

Post-compilation tools - J2ME are mobile java applications that require a high level of security and performance. Code obfuscation may prevent people from reverse-engineering your class files and reduce code size. Special optimization techniques are available from IDE vendors and their partners, these applications can also be post processed and optimized for deployment devices based on the resources available for specific device types. These post-processing, obfuscation, and optimization tools fall into this category.

OTA (Over the air) deployment support - mobile java applications are often deployed over public wireless networks. J2ME OTA specifications standardize the process for discovering, downloading, authorizing, authenticating, verifying, and executing a mobile application. OTA specifications require properly formatted meta files on the server side and JAM (Java Application Manager) on the mobile device side. The server also requires special configurations to support OTA meta types, the OTA process can become quite complex with the upcoming release of MIDP 2.0. An IDE should help generate those meta files automatically, also a good IDE should also integrate OTA-compliant JAM clients to test the deployment within the IDE.

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