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Download Huge Variety of Los Temerarios Ringtones

All remarkable Los Temerarios ringtones at recent days are usually accompanied by great number of screensavers, wallpapers, mobile phone graphics and many other attractive mobile accessories, concerning this talented rock and punk band. You should as well keep in mind that most strongly distributed ringers now still remain in MIDI audio format. Generally speaking, most interesting mobile ringtonesd at these days are naturally compatible with different models of Alcatel, Benq, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba. Today, you already could download ringtones just in three simple steps - enter your mobile phone number on our web, wait to receive a common SMS with special identifying code in it and finally, write this combination down to it. So, if you are keen music listener our extended collection of hot tones could be quite good solution to personalize your particular handset. Large abundance of distincitve melodies now could be found through the networks of Verizon Wireless, Nextel, Cingular, Sprint and many others. If your particular cellphone is comparatively modern, you will be able to download ringers also in ready for using keypress or RTTTL combinations. At the end, if you register on the websites of most leading online cell operators, you could receive plenty of lovely Los Temerarios ringtones for free as a special bonus.

Download Los Temerarios Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Si Tú Te Vas Send Si Tú Te Vas by Los Temerarios
2. Miedo Send Miedo by Los Temerarios
3. Confesión Send Confesión by Los Temerarios
4. Nadie Se Muere De Amor Send Nadie Se Muere De Amor by Los Temerarios
5. Luz De Luna Send Luz De Luna by Los Temerarios
6. Conocerte Send Conocerte by Los Temerarios
7. Si Tú Te Vas Con El Send Si Tú Te Vas Con El by Los Temerarios
8. Tú Eres Mi Amor Send Tú Eres Mi Amor by Los Temerarios
9. Loco Por Ti Send Loco Por Ti by Los Temerarios
10. Basta Ya Send Basta Ya by Los Temerarios
11. Toquen Mariachis Canten Send Toquen Mariachis Canten by Los Temerarios
12. Sin Que Lo Sepas Tú Send Sin Que Lo Sepas Tú by Los Temerarios
13. Me Cai De La Nube Send Me Cai De La Nube by Los Temerarios
14. Las Botas De Charro Send Las Botas De Charro by Los Temerarios
15. Que Se Junten Nuestros Brazos Send Que Se Junten Nuestros Brazos by Los Temerarios
16. Ruleta Send Ruleta by Los Temerarios
17. Me Caiste Del Cielo Send Me Caiste Del Cielo by Los Temerarios
18. Ay Amigo Send Ay Amigo by Los Temerarios
19. Acá Entre Nos Send Acá Entre Nos by Los Temerarios
20. Mujeres Divinas Send Mujeres Divinas by Los Temerarios
21. Fue un Juego Send Fue un Juego by Los Temerarios
22. Sólo y Sin Su Amor Send Sólo y Sin Su Amor by Los Temerarios
23. Soy un Solitario Send Soy un Solitario by Los Temerarios
24. Hoy Que Regreso Contigo Send Hoy Que Regreso Contigo by Los Temerarios
25. Faltas Tu Send Faltas Tu by Los Temerarios
26. Una Miradita Send Una Miradita by Los Temerarios
27. Si Tu Cariño No Esta Send Si Tu Cariño No Esta by Los Temerarios
28. Lágrimas de Sangre Send Lágrimas de Sangre by Los Temerarios
29. Todo Fue Mentira Send Todo Fue Mentira by Los Temerarios
30. Camino del Desierto Send Camino del Desierto by Los Temerarios

Los Temerarios are famous musical band that gained admiration, in Latin music world of Mexico, United States, Central and South America. A career that continue more than 30 years, Los Temerarios have dedicated their life to music - a vocation lived out to its fullest, mirrored in a successful career. Their music is mostly described as innovative and versatile, ranging from their signature ballads, to rhythmic anthems and the originality of their appreciation of Mexican music. All of this results in a remarkable musical evolution with an international worldwide appeal. Emotionally charged lyrical content and soothing sounds, their songs have become the soundtrack of millions of fans around the world, at the helm of producer, composer and musical director Adolfo Angel whose creative genius has shaped Latin music history with songs including “Te Quiero”, “Mi Vida Eres Tú”, “Como Tú”, “Eres Un Sueño”, “Como Te Recuerdo”, “Te Hice Mal”, “En La Madrugada Se Fue”, “Una Lágrima No Basta” plus the newly recorded gems “Si Tú Te Vas” , “Tu Eres Mi Amor” and “Basta Ya”. All this and much more has help the talanted band to gain Gold and Platinum level sales, awards, countless radio hits and ‘Sold Out’ tour dates in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. They have also a ‘Latin GRAMMY®’, ‘Premio Billboard’, ‘Premio Lo Nuestro A La Música Latina’ as well as numerous certified Gold, Platinum and Diamond records for their global sales of over 30 million.

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