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Get Latest Jesse McCartney Ringtones Fast and Easy

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Download Jesse McCartney Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Leavin' Send Leavin' by Jesse McCartney
2. It's Over Send It's Over by Jesse McCartney
3. Rock You Send Rock You by Jesse McCartney
4. How Do You Sleep Send How Do You Sleep by Jesse McCartney
5. Into Ya Send Into Ya by Jesse McCartney
6. Make Up Send Make Up by Jesse McCartney
7. My Baby Send My Baby by Jesse McCartney
8. Told You So Send Told You So by Jesse McCartney
9. Relapse Send Relapse by Jesse McCartney
10. Runnin' Send Runnin' by Jesse McCartney
11. Freaky Send Freaky by Jesse McCartney
12. Not Your Enemy Send Not Your Enemy by Jesse McCartney
13. She's No You Send She's No You by Jesse McCartney
14. Beautiful Soul Send Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
15. Get Your Shine On Send Get Your Shine On by Jesse McCartney
16. Take Your Sweet Time Send Take Your Sweet Time by Jesse McCartney
17. Without U Send Without U by Jesse McCartney
18. Why Don't You Kiss Her? Send Why Don't You Kiss Her? by Jesse McCartney
19. That Was Then Send That Was Then by Jesse McCartney
20. Come To Me Send Come To Me by Jesse McCartney
21. What's Your Name? Send What's Your Name? by Jesse McCartney
22. Because You Live Send Because You Live by Jesse McCartney
23. Why Is Love So Hard To Find? Send Why Is Love So Hard To Find? by Jesse McCartney
24. The Stupid Things Send The Stupid Things by Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney is an American pop/R&B singer songwriter and Daytime Emmy-nominated actor, who was born on April 9, 1987. In 1999, he joined the American pop boy band called Dream Street, and was a member till 2002. McCartney has described the experience as a good "stepping stone" for his solo career. The group earned a gold record with their first CD, and broke up while touring with Aaron Carter. At age of fifteen, he began work on a solo career with a local band, featuring musicians Dillon Kondor (guitar), Katie Spencer (keyboards), Peter Chema (bass), Alex Russeku (drums), Karina LaGravinese, Sharisse Francisco and under the management of Ginger McCartney and Sherry Goffin Kondor, who co-produced his first album, called Beautiful Soul. He released his first solo EP in July 2003, the album included three songs - "Beautiful Soul", "She's No You" and "Why Don't You Kiss Her". In 2004, Jesse performed a duet with Anne Hathaway, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", which is featured on the Ella Enchanted soundtrack. He recently wrote the hit song of Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love, which became a massive hit in the UK as well as in the US. It has been confirmed by his management that Jesse has finished recording for his third album. He recently did a collaboration with the reggae/hip-hop band Cipes and The People. The first single is "Leavin'", which can be heard on his official music MySpace and you can get it as mobile ringer by clicking on the button under "send" section.

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