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Large diversity of distinctive mobile James Otto ringtones is supported by AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. All owners of LG models at recent days already have some additional very good options to download ringtones. Also, if your cell phone is comparatively modern, keep in mind that you should at any rate try something of different selections of lovely realtones in ready for use RTTTL, keypress or melody composers combinations. The majority of exciting true tones that you will encounter online will be in most frequently obtained mp3 or midi audio formats. Also, keep in mind that you already can download mobile melodies in three easy steps - enter your particular phone number on our download page, obtain common SMS with special identifying code in it and write this combination down on the same Internet page. Furthermore, most of these charming and distinctive cell music tones will be probably compatible with bigger mobile brands on the contemporary market such as LG, Nokia, Philips, Motorola, Panasonic, Blackberry and etc. Due to this important fact, every mobile user today can quite easily and speedily get all his beloved James Otto ringtones through comfortable blue-tooth or USB transmission.

Download James Otto Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Ain't Gonna Stop Send Ain't Gonna Stop by James Otto
2. Just Got Started Lovin' You Send Just Got Started Lovin' You by James Otto
3. For You Send For You by James Otto
4. These Are The Good Ole Days Send These Are The Good Ole Days by James Otto
5. When A Woman's Not Watching Send When A Woman's Not Watching by James Otto
6. Damn Right Send Damn Right by James Otto
7. The Man That I Am Send The Man That I Am by James Otto
8. Drink & Dial Send Drink & Dial by James Otto
9. You Don't Act Like My Woman Send You Don't Act Like My Woman by James Otto
10. Sunset Man Send Sunset Man by James Otto
11. Where Angels Hang Around Send Where Angels Hang Around by James Otto
12. Long Way Down Send Long Way Down by James Otto
13. Gone Send Gone by James Otto
14. Misspent Youth Send Misspent Youth by James Otto
15. Miss Temptation Send Miss Temptation by James Otto
16. Sunday Morning And Saturday Night Send Sunday Morning And Saturday Night by James Otto
17. Song Of The Violin Send Song Of The Violin by James Otto
18. She Knows Send She Knows by James Otto
19. Days Of Our Lives Send Days Of Our Lives by James Otto
20. The Last Thing I Do Send The Last Thing I Do by James Otto
21. The Ball Send The Ball by James Otto
22. Lowdown On The Highlife Send Lowdown On The Highlife by James Otto
23. Never Say Goodbye Send Never Say Goodbye by James Otto

The American country music singer-songwriter James Otto, who was born on July 29, 1973 at Fort Lewis in Washington, USA is also member of the MuzikMafia, a group of country-music singer-songwriters known for their "country music without prejudice". The famous singer began his career on Mercury Nashville Records in 2002, charting three minor singles on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs charts and recording his first album entitled "Days of Our Lives for Mercury" before being dropped in 2004. In 2002, Otto and Scott Parker of Mercury Nashville Records met each other, and Scott signed him to a record deal that year. His first single, "The Ball", reached at number 45 on the Billboard country charts, while a second single, "Long Way Down", failed to chart at all. Due to the poor chart performance of these singles, his debut album was delayed. "Days of Our Lives", his the next release for the label which came out in late 2003, hitting at #33 on the country charts. Soon after the track reached, his debut album (also entitled Days of Our Lives) was released on Mercury, and in 2004, Otto was signed as an opening act for Shania Twain on her Up! Tour. His fourth single for Mercury, "Sunday Morning and Saturday Night", managed to hit the #58; after the song fell from the charts, Otto exited Mercury's roster. By 2007, Otto signed to Warner Bros Records Nashville and his first track for them titled, "Just Got Started Lovin' You", was released at the end of that year, as the lead-off single to his second album - 2008's Sunset Man.

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