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Download Cell Hit The Lights Ringtones to Your Mobile Handset

All owners of Motorola and Sony Ericsson models on the global mobile market already have lots of useful chances to download Hit The Lights ringtones for their phones. Also, different subscribers of Boost, Alltel and T-Mobile all over the world also can quite easily get remarkable ringing melodies for download. Large selections of realtones and true tones currently could be found also through the networks of bigger mobile carriers as AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, US cellular, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. If you are keen metal fan, mp3 ringtones could be really one of most effective options to customize your cell phone. Also, mind the fact that all newest ringtones at recent days undoubtedly will come together with various funny mobile applications, concerning this best-known and cool talanted band, such as photos, posters, animations, wallpapers and so on. Keep in mind that most realtones that you could encounter through the web today, still remain predominantly in midi audio format. The majority of these hot ringing cell tones are already compatible with different models of Motorola, Nokia, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson and other bigger mobile brands on the contemporary market.

Download Hit The Lights Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Count It! Send Count It! by Hit The Lights
2. Breathe In Send Breathe In by Hit The Lights
3. Stay Out Send Stay Out by Hit The Lights
4. Drop The Girl Send Drop The Girl by Hit The Lights
5. Tell Me Where You Are Send Tell Me Where You Are by Hit The Lights
6. Hangs Em High Send Hangs Em High by Hit The Lights
7. Back Breaker Send Back Breaker by Hit The Lights
8. Don't Wait Send Don't Wait by Hit The Lights
9. Cry Your Eyes Out Send Cry Your Eyes Out by Hit The Lights
10. Statues Send Statues by Hit The Lights
11. Say What You Want To Say Send Say What You Want To Say by Hit The Lights
12. Winding Down Send Winding Down by Hit The Lights
13. On and On Send On and On by Hit The Lights
14. Call Out Send Call Out by Hit The Lights
15. These Backs Are Made for Stabbing Send These Backs Are Made for Stabbing by Hit The Lights
16. Three on Nine Send Three on Nine by Hit The Lights
17. Bodybag Send Bodybag by Hit The Lights
18. Talk Us Down Send Talk Us Down by Hit The Lights
19. Save Your Breath Send Save Your Breath by Hit The Lights
20. Sincerely Yours Send Sincerely Yours by Hit The Lights
21. One Hundred Times Send One Hundred Times by Hit The Lights
22. It's All the Rage Send It's All the Rage by Hit The Lights
23. Speakers Blown Send Speakers Blown by Hit The Lights
24. Until We Get Caught Send Until We Get Caught by Hit The Lights
25. Make a Run for It Send Make a Run for It by Hit The Lights

Hit the Lights took their name from the first song from Metallica's debut album, Kill 'Em All. It is a pop punk group from Lima, Ohio, signed to Triple Crown Records. It was later admitted on Steven's Untitled Rock Show by guitarist Omar Zehery to be from Christina Milian's song A.M to P.M, saying they heard the song and liked the lyric and having no other name they adopted it. The talanted band quickly found a devoted following with their energetic live performances, they were slated to embark on a headlining tour in the UK in October 2007, but had to cancel due to not being able to find a permanent lead vocalist, because of Colin Ross` leaving in June 2007. Ross explained that he could no longer be a part of the group because his heart just wasn't in it. The other members stated they noticed that Ross didn't seem to be as into performing and being part of the group the better part of the last year. They played their last show with Colin on September 15, 2007, at The Axis in Lima, Ohio and shortly after it, the remaining four members went into recording and recorded a cover, entitled "The Warrior", with Nick Thompson on lead vocals. They posted a new demo named "Stay Out", on January 31, 2008, notably, their first single without former lead vocalist Colin Ross. On February 19, 2008, they announced that guitarist/backing vocalist Nick Thompson will join them as a main vocalist for the band.

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