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Download Remarkable Guru Ringtones to Your Cell Phone Now

Mind the fact, that all subscribers of Virgin Mobile and Sprint at recent days have some bonus nice chances to download Guru ringtones. Large diversity of lovely ringing sounds is available also through the networks of most reputable cell carriers, such as Cingular, AT and T, Cellular One, Nextel, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon. It could be good for you to consider in advance that most mobile ringtones at these days are in mp3 or midi audio format. On the other hand, if you have comparatively newer phone, you undoubtedly will be able to get as well some lovely music tones in RTTTL, keypress or melodies composing combinations. The majority of current cell Guru realtones for download, presented through the web, is naturally compatible with the latest models of bigger mobile brands on the global telecommunications market as Nokia, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson and Siemens. Furthermore, each cell owner can very easily and quickly download true tones through convenient USB or blue-tooth connection. Mind the fact, that different LG owners today undoubtedly will enjoy lots of charming collections of mp3 ringtones, created especially for them. Thus, each mobile user today already could easily enjoy all his beloved hits as remarkable Guru ringtones on his mobile phone.

Download Guru Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. No Time Send No Time by Guru
2. False Prophets Send False Prophets by Guru
3. Step In The Arena 2 (I'm Sayin') Send Step In The Arena 2 (I'm Sayin') by Guru
4. Don Status Send Don Status by Guru
5. Cave In Send Cave In by Guru
6. Surviving Tha Game Send Surviving Tha Game by Guru
7. Hall Of Fame Send Hall Of Fame by Guru
8. Talk To Me Send Talk To Me by Guru
9. Hood Dreamin Send Hood Dreamin by Guru
10. Too Dark See Send Too Dark See by Guru
11. Power, Money And Influence Send Power, Money And Influence by Guru
12. Kingpin Send Kingpin by Guru
13. Fa Keeps Send Fa Keeps by Guru
14. Real Life Send Real Life by Guru
15. Feed The Hungry Send Feed The Hungry by Guru
16. Talkin Loud And Frontin Send Talkin Loud And Frontin by Guru
17. Open House Send Open House by Guru
18. I Gotta... Send I Gotta... by Guru
19. What's My Life Like? Send What's My Life Like? by Guru
20. Loungin' Send Loungin' by Guru
21. When You're Near Send When You're Near by Guru
22. Transit Ride Send Transit Ride by Guru
23. No Time To Play Send No Time To Play by Guru
24. Down The Backstreets Send Down The Backstreets by Guru
25. Respectful Dedications Send Respectful Dedications by Guru
26. Take A Look (At Yourself) Send Take A Look (At Yourself) by Guru
27. Trust Me Send Trust Me by Guru
28. Slicker Than Most Send Slicker Than Most by Guru
29. Le Bien, Le Mal Send Le Bien, Le Mal by Guru
30. Sights In The City Send Sights In The City by Guru
31. Lifesaver Send Lifesaver by Guru
32. Living In This World Send Living In This World by Guru
33. Looking Through Darkness Send Looking Through Darkness by Guru
34. Skit A (Interview)/Watch What You Say (Medley) Send Skit A (Interview)/Watch What You Say (Medley) by Guru
35. Jazzalude II: Defining Purpose Send Jazzalude II: Defining Purpose by Guru
36. For You Send For You by Guru
37. Insert A (Mental Relaxation)/Medicine (Medley) Send Insert A (Mental Relaxation)/Medicine (Medley) by Guru
38. Lost Souls Send Lost Souls by Guru
39. Insert B (The Real Deal)/Nobody Knows (Medley) Send Insert B (The Real Deal)/Nobody Knows (Medley) by Guru
40. Jazzalude III: Hip Hop As A Way Of Life Send Jazzalude III: Hip Hop As A Way Of Lifes by Guru

Keith Edward Elam was born on July 17, 1961 in Boston, Massachusetts better known by his nickname Guru, is an American rapper, and the lyrical half of legendary hip-hop group Gang Starr, together with DJ Premier. With his Jazzmatazz album series, he is also considered to be one of the most successful hiphop/jazz artists. In 1993, the rising star released his first solo album by the name Jazzmatazz, Vol 1. The album featured collaborations with Donald Byrd, N'Dea Davenport and Roy Ayers, while his following LP, Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2 - The New Reality, featured Ramsey Lewis, Branford Marsalis and Jamiroquai. The Jazzmatazz albums are commonly considered some of the best rap of the beginning of 90s, Guru's reputation was also bolstered through the continued success of Jazzmatazz, Vol. 3 - Streetsoul (2000) and Baldhead Slick & Da Click (2001). Furthermore, recent Gang Starr albums have continued to garner Guru critical acclaim. Prominent Boston underground rapper Mr Lif frequently cites Guru as a major stylistic influence, who appears as a guest with Lif on the Perceptionists' debut album, by the name Black Dialogue (2005). Besides Gang Starr, his Jazzmatazz and solo albums, Keith has collaborated with countless artists since the early 90s, not only in hiphop, but also with artists from various genres such as pop, electronica/dance, acid jazz and even brass groups.

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