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Obtain Huge Variety of G-Unit Ringtones for Mobile Phones Here

All customers of Sprint on the global telecommunications market now can download G-Unit ringtones from long range of sources, supported especially for them. Large collections of cool ringers are also distributed through the networks of T-Mobile, AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Suncom, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. In the similar way, all owners of Sony Ericsson models now could take the whole advantage of lots of hot chances to download ringtones without any additional fees. Also, all these remarkable mobile melodies for download, presented online, as a rule come together with lots of mobile wallpapers, logos, screensavers and so on, related to this distinctive American rock band. If you are keen G-Unit` fan, our rich arrangement of unique sounds could provide you with plenty of effective options to make your mobile phone sounding more distinguished. It usually will be good for you to be aware of the fact that most of these cool cell tones are basically compatible with different models of Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Sagem, Sharp, Siemens, Panasonic, Alcatel, LG, Blackberry, Toshiba, Sanyo, Philips and Mitstubishi. The majority of ringers that you could currently encounter through the web, still remain in monophonic, MIDI and mp3 audio format.

Download G-Unit Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Straight Outta Southside Send Straight Outta Southside by G-Unit
2. Piano Man Send Piano Man by G-Unit
3. Close To Me Send Close To Me by G-Unit
4. Rider Pt. 2 Send Rider Pt. 2 by G-Unit
5. Casualties Of War Send Casualties Of War by G-Unit
6. You So Tough Send You So Tough by G-Unit
7. No Days Off Send No Days Off by G-Unit
8. T.O.S. Send T.O.S. by G-Unit
9. I Like The Way She Do It Send I Like The Way She Do It by G-Unit
10. Kitty Kat Send Kitty Kat by G-Unit
11. Party Ain't Over Send Party Ain't Over by G-Unit
12. Let It Go Send Let It Go by G-Unit
13. Get Down Send Get Down by G-Unit
14. I Don't Want To Talk About It Send I Don't Want To Talk About It by G-Unit
15. Ready Or Not Send Ready Or Not by G-Unit
16. Money Make The World Go Around Send Money Make The World Go Around by G-Unit
17. G-Unit Send G-Unit by G-Unit
18. Poppin' Them Thangs Send Poppin' Them Thangs by G-Unit
19. My Buddy Send My Buddy by G-Unit
20. I'm So Hood Send I'm So Hood by G-Unit
21. Stunt 101 Send Stunt 101 by G-Unit
22. Wanna Get To Know You Send Wanna Get To Know You by G-Unit
23. Groupie Love Send Groupie Love by G-Unit
24. Betta Ask Somebody Send Betta Ask Somebody by G-Unit
25. Footprints Send Footprints by G-Unit
26. Eye For Eye Send Eye For Eye by G-Unit
27. Smile Send Smile by G-Unit
28. Baby You Got Send Baby You Got by G-Unit
29. Salute U Send Salute U by G-Unit
30. Beg For Mercy Send Beg For Mercy by G-Unit
31. G'D Up Send G'D Up by G-Unit
32. Lay You Down Send Lay You Down by G-Unit
33. Gangsta Shit Send Gangsta Shit by G-Unit

Few rappers unify themselfs to create G-Unit - 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, all of them grown up on the same block. They started to make music together together, but when 50 Cent was finally spotted and signed to a label, both Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo began working hard on mixtapes in order to gain their own public attention. By the fact that 50 Cent was kicked out from this label he signed to "Interscope records" mainly due to the great success of his debut compilation "Get rich or die tryin". Soon after he was granted his own record label - this was when G-Unit Records was born. So, if you search for some more extraordinary and distinctive ringing sounds for your mobile phone, download ringers from our page. G-Unit continued to work hard and created several interesting mixtape series, which earned them a lot of attention in the global rap industry and the most popular of them are "50 Cent is the future", "Gods plan", "No mercy, no fear" and "Automatic gunfire". Furthermore, G-Unit have also started certain mixtape series with their DJ - DJ Whoo Kid, named "G-Unit radio". Unfortunately, before G-Unit had a chance to record its debut album, Tony Yayo was arrested for a gun-possession charge as well as bail-jumping. Thus, during this period, the band signed Nashville rapper Young Buc and they continued their successful performing activity, working on yet more mixtape recordings, in particular their "G-Unit remix" to "P I M P" of 50 Cent.

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