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Mobile Phone Graphics

Download mobile phone graphics from our page fast and easy. Here you can choose from great variety of graphics of any kind and get them to your phone in few clicks!

Speaking of mobile phone technology, there are several consortia heading off in different tendency, each trying to develop a standard for 3D graphics on hand-held screens. If we look at this general terms, we can split the contractors into two obvious camps - those who have trust in on-chip 3D hardware and those who believe that Java-based software methods will take over. The hardware gets near it makes logical sense - after all, it's the obvious choice for desktop and notebook PCs. So isn`t surprise to find graphics chip-set creator ATI putting considerable resources into miniaturised graphics processors for PDAs and cell phones. For example ATI's Imageon 3200, is a multimedia co-processor designed to accelerate performance to support consumer handheld applications such as MPEG video playback, however, it's still only a 2D chipset, so won't be battling it out with the 3D alternatives. Going further, Imagination Technologies has signed a deal to put its PowerVR MBX Lite graphics core alongside Hitachi's SH-Mobile processor with the intention of producing a more compelling 3D-capable component for cellphone manufacturers.

Going it unattended is mobile hardware processor builder ARM, cause of the company's extensive involvement in palmtop computer design, ARM chipsets are readily adopted by mobile phone manufacturers including Toshiba in its new TS21i handset. But ARM's Swerve i3D technology now also employs object-level operation and tiling to achieve 3D graphics without chomping its way through battery power too quickly or increasing the device size a lot.

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