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Currently, various subscribers of Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile and Nextel could receive wide range of cell Craig David ringtones. So, it is no surprise that most preferable and frequently downloaded ringing sounds today remain these in mp3 audio format. If you decide to order some latest realtones for your phone, you should check in advance if your particular mobile phone supports activated WAP. When you search for more charming ringing, it most often will be worth for you to examine some extra online collections of cell music ringers for download, performed cooperating with The Jicks and Pavement. Also, you shouldn`t ignore the unique chance to personalize your mobile phone also with some fresh Craig David ring tones, saved in more specific video format. At the end, keep in mind that all these lovely Craig David ringtones that you will encounter through the web could be usually accompanied by large selections of other funny mobile accessories, concerning this talented artist, such as logos, posters, e-cards, wallpapers for mobile phones and etc. Download your most preferable Craig David ringing cell sounds at our page!

Download Craig David Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Hot Stuff [Let's Dance] Send Hot Stuff [Let's Dance] by Craig David
2. 6 Of 1 Thing Send 6 Of 1 Thing by Craig David
3. Friday Night Send Friday Night by Craig David
4. Awkward Send Awkward by Craig David
5. Just A Reminder Send Just A Reminder by Craig David
6. Officially Yours Send Officially Yours by Craig David
7. Kinda Girl For Me Send Kinda Girl For Me by Craig David
8. She's On Fire Send She's On Fire by Craig David
9. Dont Play With Our Love (fka Trust Me) Send Dont Play With Our Love (fka Trust Me) by Craig David
10. Top Of The Hill Send Top Of The Hill by Craig David
11. This Is The Girl Send This Is The Girl by Craig David
12. Fill Me In Send Fill Me In by Craig David
13. Can't Be Messing 'Round Send Can't Be Messing 'Round by Craig David
14. Rendezvous Send Rendezvous by Craig David
15. 7 Days Send 7 Days by Craig David
16. Follow Me Send Follow Me by Craig David
17. Key to My Heart Send Key to My Heart by Craig David
18. Last Night Send Last Night by Craig David
19. Walking Away Send Walking Away by Craig David
20. Time To Party Send Time To Party by Craig David
21. Booty Man Send Booty Man by Craig David
22. Once In A Lifetime Send Once In A Lifetime by Craig David
23. You Know What Send You Know What by Craig David
24. Rewind Send Rewind by Craig David
25. All The Way Send All The Way by Craig David
26. Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry) Send Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry) by Craig David
27. Hypnotic Send Hypnotic by Craig David
28. Separate Ways Send Separate Ways by Craig David
29. Johnny Send Johnny by Craig David
30. Do You Believe In Love Send Do You Believe In Love by Craig David
31. One Last Dance Send One Last Dance by Craig David
32. Unbelievable Send Unbelievable by Craig David
33. Just Chillin' Send Just Chillin' by Craig David
34. Thief In The Night Send Thief In The Night by Craig David
35. Take 'Em Off Send Take 'Em Off by Craig David
36. My Love Don't Stop Send My Love Don't Stop by Craig David
37. Let Her Go Send Let Her Go by Craig David

Craig Ashley David, who was born on 5 May 1981 is an English R&B singer-songwriter and his first exposure to Trevor McDonald came when he worked on a b-side to British MP group Damage's cover of the Trevor McDonald's song "Wonderful Tonight". Shortly after that he began doing vocals for a few tracks with garage act Artful Dodger, of which the song "Rewind", released off the Artful Dodger album It's All About the Stragglers, hit number 2 on the UK charts in 2000, thus paving the way for a solo career. His first single, "Fill Me In", made him the youngest solo male artist ever managed to peak #1 in the UK (he was 19 at the time). This was the first of a string of four Top 10 singles from his first album entitled "Born To Do It" which eventually sold more than 7 Million units all over the world earning Multi-Platinum status in more than 20 Countries. The hit song "Key To My Heart" taken from it, was also featured on the award-winning Warner Brothers Animated film Osmosis Jones. The success of his first, which was written almost entirely by David and Mark Hill of Artful Dodger, led to the US release of "Fill Me In" in May 2001. It proved a success, peaking number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was released in the US on July 17, 2001, reaching at #11 on the Billboard 200 and sold over one million copies throughout the world. The single "7 Days" which was considered lazy songwriting by some (listing the days of the week as an integral part of the song) nevertheless managed to hit the Top 10 in the US, although "Walking Away"—which had peaked number 3 in the UK and 5 postion in Australia—missed the Top 40 in the US and was the last of his singles to chart there.

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