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Get Latest Colby O'Donis Ringtones for Your Cell Phone Now

All owners of Nokia and LG models on the global mobile market already have good opportunities to download Colby O'Donis ringtones for their phones. Also, different subscribers of Boost, T-Mobile and Alltel worldwide also can quite easily obtain their favourite mobile ringtones online. Huge collections of realtones currently could be found also through the networks of Sprint, AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, US cellular, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. If you are keen metal fan, mp3 mobile true tones for download could be really one of most effective options to customize your mobile phone. Also, remember that all hot ringers at recent days undoubtedly will come together with various funny mobile applications, concerning this young talanted singer, such as photos, posters, animations, wallpapers and so on. Do not forget that most mobile melodies that you could encounter through the web today, still remain predominantly in midi audio format. The majority of these fresh Colby O'Donis ringtones are already compatible with different models of LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson and other bigger mobile brands on the contemporary market.

Download Colby O'Donis Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. What You Got (feat Akon) Send What You Got (feat Akon) by Colby O'Donis
2. Game of Satisfaction Send Game of Satisfaction by Colby O'Donis
3. Come Back to Me Send Come Back to Me by Colby O'Donis
4. Carjack Send Carjack by Colby O'Donis
5. Fly Away Send Fly Away by Colby O'Donis
6. Beef Send Beef by Colby O'Donis
7. Bounce with Us Send Bounce with Us by Colby O'Donis
8. So Shy Send So Shy by Colby O'Donis
9. Krump Send Krump by Colby O'Donis
10. In Love Send In Love by Colby O'Donis
11. M.V.P. Remix Send M.V.P. Remix by Colby O'Donis

Colby O'Donis is a 20-year-old Pop, Hip Hop and R&B singer signed to Akon's Konvict Music record label. He was born in New York City to Puerto Rican parents, he spent a great deal of time during his childhood living in Orlando, Florida. By the age of 8, O`Donis was already working with Platinum producers Full Force such as Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Backstreet Boys, NíSync who shopped his demos to a circuit of record labels, and produced his song, entitled "Mouse in the House" featured on the Stuart Little soundtrack. The young singer has been producing music since the age of 12, further allowing his collaborations with Akon to stand out more. His debut album has pretty much been a self-contained effort, with the lionís share of writing and production done primarily between him and Akon. The writing process has been so much fun, and it has been good working with Akon, on the real, he is a very nice guy. O`Donis` debut album, tentatively entitled Colby O, is expected out in 2008. He has already released the first single called, "What You Got", which features Akon, the video was posted on YouTube on March 16.

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