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Obtain Your Most Beloved Chamillionaire Ringtones Fast and Easy

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Download Chamillionaire Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. The Morning News Send The Morning News by Chamillionaire
2. Hip Hop Police Send Hip Hop Police by Chamillionaire
3. Standing Ovation Send Standing Ovation by Chamillionaire
4. Won't Let You Down Send Won't Let You Down by Chamillionaire
5. Industry Groupie Send Industry Groupie by Chamillionaire
6. Pimp Mode Send Pimp Mode by Chamillionaire
7. Rock Star Send Rock Star by Chamillionaire
8. Rock Star Send Rock Star by Chamillionaire
9. The Bill Collecta Send The Bill Collecta by Chamillionaire
10. The Ultimate Vacation Send The Ultimate Vacation by Chamillionaire
11. Come Back To The Streets Send Come Back To The Streets by Chamillionaire
12. I Think I Love You Send I Think I Love You by Chamillionaire
13. The Evening News Send The Evening News by Chamillionaire
14. Welcome To The South Send Welcome To The South by Chamillionaire
15. You Must Be Crazy Send You Must Be Crazy by Chamillionaire
16. We Breaking Up Send We Breaking Up by Chamillionaire
17. Stuck In The Ghetto Send Stuck In The Ghetto by Chamillionaire
18. Rocky Road Send Rocky Road by Chamillionaire
19. The Ultimate Victory Send The Ultimate Victory by Chamillionaire
20. The Sound Of Revenge Send The Sound Of Revenge by Chamillionaire
21. In The Trunk Send In The Trunk by Chamillionaire
22. Turn It Up Send Turn It Up by Chamillionaire
23. Ridin' Send Ridin' by Chamillionaire
24. No Snitchin' Send No Snitchin' by Chamillionaire
25. Southern Takeover Send Southern Takeover by Chamillionaire
26. Radio Interruption Send Radio Interruption by Chamillionaire
27. Frontin' Send Frontin' by Chamillionaire
28. Grown And Sexy Send Grown And Sexy by Chamillionaire
29. Think I'm Crazy Send Think I'm Crazy by Chamillionaire
30. Rain Send Rain by Chamillionaire
31. Picture Perfect Send Picture Perfect by Chamillionaire
32. Fly As The Sky Send Fly As The Sky by Chamillionaire
33. Peepin' Me Send Peepin' Me by Chamillionaire
34. Void In My Life Send Void In My Life by Chamillionaire

Chamillionaire is the well-known alias of Hakeem Seriki, who is an American rapper, CEO, singer, & musician from Houston, Texas and the CEO of Chamillitary Entertainment. He stated that his goal is to prove that the South can produce quality lyricists. Chamillionaire released his second and may be most popular mainstream album by the name Ultimate Victory on September 18, 2007. Guest appearances included UGK, Krayzie Bone, Lil Wayne, Famous, Tony Henry, Devin the Dude, & Lloyd and the first single of it was "Hip Hop Police", featuring Slick Rick, which both Chamillionaire and Slick Rick performed on the CBS television network program Late Show with David Letterman on September 14, 2007. The next single is "The Evening News", Chamillionaire recently signed back to Chamillitary Entertainment the rapper Yung Ro, an ex member of The Color Changin' Click. He is also planning to make a tour and is also planning a group album with Famous and Yung Ro called Money, Power, and Fame. Both of them will be working on solo albums to drop in the future after their album. Seriki will release the Tony Henry R&B project through the label Chamillitary Soul. Mixtape Messiah 4, the fourth title in Chamillionaire's Mixtape Messiah series, was initially set for release on December 18, 2007, however the talanted singer's own website now reads that the recording will be released August 27, 2008.

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