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Cell Phone Video Camera

Cell phone video camera is new development that few years ago found its way into the nowadays mobile market. It is an invention that allows the users of compatible camera cell phones to take short video clips, instead of only pictures. You have all the functionality of video camera, digital camera, and phone all together. These handsets are available for purchase with the qualified service plans.

Cell phone video camera technology was developed not long ago when GEO Interactive Media Group and Samsung Electronics announced the development of MPEG4 streaming video mobile phone on November 16, 2000. That celly used the "Emblaze A2 chip" to allow video playback. This development was followed by the manufacturing of various models of new cell phones that provided video support by many other mobile phone companies like Nokia.

Nokia 3650 Video Phone

Nokia 3650 is a good example of the phones that provide the support of video camera. This mobile phone is currently supported by cellular service providers like AT&T, Sprint, Nextel and T-Mobile. Many features of it include but aren`t limited to Voice Dialing, speakerphone, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and others.

The 3650 phone model has a built-in digital VGA camera which provides the cell phone video camera capability. With the camera provided with this celly phone you can either take over 1000 VGA photos or record short video clips and much more. Mind also that various formats are supported by this handset.

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