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Download Birdman Ringtones - We Have Them All

Large diversity of fresh mobile Birdman ringtones is supported by AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. All owners of LG models at recent days already have some additional very good options to download realtones. Also, if your cell phone is comparatively modern, keep in mind that you should at any rate try something of different selections of lovely ringers in ready for use RTTTL, keypress or melody composers combinations. The majority of exciting mobile melodies that you will encounter online will be in most frequently obtained mp3 or midi audio formats. Also, keep in mind that you already can download ringtones in three easy steps - enter your particular phone number on our download page, obtain common SMS with special identifying code in it and write this combination down on the same Internet page. Also, most of these charming and distinctive cell music sounds will be probably compatible with bigger mobile brands on the contemporary market such as LG, Nokia, Philips, Motorola, Panasonic, Blackberry and etc. Due to this important fact, every mobile user today can quite easily and speedily get all his beloved hot tones through comfortable blue-tooth or USB transmission. At the end, don`t forget that most of these unforgettable Birdman ringtones for download, available online, currently will be accompanied by plenty of extra funny mobile accessories, concerning this talented rock group, such as photos, wallpapers, animations and many others.

Download Birdman Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Fully Loaded Send Fully Loaded by Birdman
2. I Run This Send I Run This by Birdman
3. The Money "So Fresh" Send The Money
4. Interlude - "The Old Man" #1 Send Interlude -
5. 100 Million Send 100 Million by Birdman
6. Believe Dat Send Believe Dat by Birdman
7. Wet Paint Send Wet Paint by Birdman
8. Grind Send Grind by Birdman
9. All The Time Send All The Time by Birdman
10. Interlude - "The Old Man" #2 Send Interlude -
11. Head Busta Send Head Busta by Birdman
12. Pop Bottles Send Pop Bottles by Birdman
13. Love My Hood Send Love My Hood by Birdman
14. I'm A Stunna Send I'm A Stunna by Birdman
15. Interlude - "The Old Man" #3 Send Interlude -
16. Make Way Send Make Way by Birdman
17. So Tired Send So Tired by Birdman
18. We Gangsta Send We Gangsta by Birdman
19. Bossy Send Bossy by Birdman
20. R.I.P. Send R.I.P. by Birdman
21. Loyalty (Skit) Send Loyalty (Skit) by Birdman
22. Over Here Hustlin' Send Over Here Hustlin' by Birdman
23. Stuntin' Like My Daddy Send Stuntin' Like My Daddy by Birdman
24. 1st Key Send 1st Key by Birdman
25. Like Father, Like Son Send Like Father, Like Son by Birdman
26. You Ain't Know Send You Ain't Know by Birdman
27. Family Rules (Skit) Send Family Rules (Skit) by Birdman
28. Know What I'm Doin' Send Know What I'm Doin' by Birdman
29. Don't Die Send Don't Die by Birdman
30. Ain't Worried Bout Sh*t Send Ain't Worried Bout Sh*t by Birdman
31. Out the Pound Send Out the Pound by Birdman
32. Leather So Soft Send Leather So Soft by Birdman
33. Army Gunz Send Army Gunz by Birdman
34. Protector (Skit) Send Protector (Skit) by Birdman
35. Get That Money Send Get That Money by Birdman
36. No More Send No More by Birdman
37. High Send High by Birdman
38. Cali Dro Send Cali Dro by Birdman
39. About All That Send About All That by Birdman
40. Respect Send Respect by Birdman

Birdman is the famous alias of Bryan "Baby" Williams, who was born on February 15, 1969, he is a record executive and emcee. In 1991, the talanted rapper and his older brother Ronald "Slim" Williams founded the hip-hop label named Cash Money Records. Earlier in his career, Birdman used his first moniker B-32 (Baby With The 32 Golds) and released his only independent album by the name "I Need a Bag of Dope" in 1993. Severals years after that, under the name "Baby", Williams recorded a number of albums with producer Mannie Fresh as the Big Tymers and performed as one of his own label's solo acts. Rapper`s most recent record, entitled 5 Star Stunna, was released on December 11, 2007, however a month before, Williams was busted and charged with possession of more than a half-ounce of marijuana, which influed bad to his reputation, Birthman had to paid $1,500 for his releasing. Known for his smart business sense, Bryan Williams was listed as one of "Hip-Hop's 10 Biggest artists.

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