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Get Lovely Beck Ringtones to Your Cell Phone Here

Most users of Cingular as well can easily download Beck ringtones from a plenty of sources, supported especially for this mobile carrier. Mind the fact, that large selections of hot mobile ringtones can be found through the networks of AT and T, Verizion, Nextel, Vodafone Sprint T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Today, every mobile owner can easily find through the web huge variety of cool cell phone melodies in mp3 or midi audio format. Thanks to this fact, you already can get all your most beloved mp3 ringtones directly to your phone or personal computer through plenty of convenient WAP services. All these hot ringing sounds will constantly work with best possible quality on various models of Panasonic, Motorola, Nokia, Sagem, Samsung, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. As you could see, if you are keen acid house fan, great online diversity of latest mp3 tones can provide you with many interesting options to personalize your cell phone. Don`t fortget, that if you have comparatively modern mobile phone, you should at any rate try large variety of unforgettable and unique Beck ringtones, available through the web. At the end, you can check our homepage and download some simple tones for free!

Download Beck Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Orphans Send Orphans by Beck
2. Gamma Ray Send Gamma Ray by Beck
3. Chemtrails Send Chemtrails by Beck
4. Modern Guilt Send Modern Guilt by Beck
5. Youthless Send Youthless by Beck
6. Walls Send Walls by Beck
7. Replica Send Replica by Beck
8. Soul Of A Man Send Soul Of A Man by Beck
9. Profanity Prayers Send Profanity Prayers by Beck
10. Volcano Send Volcano by Beck
11. Devils Haircut Send Devils Haircut by Beck
12. Hotwax Send Hotwax by Beck
13. Lord Only Knows Send Lord Only Knows by Beck
14. The New Pollution Send The New Pollution by Beck
15. Derelict Send Derelict by Beck
16. Novacane Novacane Toxic by Beck
17. Jack-Ass Send Jack-Ass by Beck
18. Where It's At Send Where It's At by Beck
19. Minus Send Minus by Beck
20. Sissyneck Send Sissyneck by Beck
21. Readymade Send Readymade by Beck
22. High 5 (Rock The Catskills) Send High 5 (Rock The Catskills) by Beck
23. Ramshackle Send Ramshackle by Beck
24. The Golden Age Send The Golden Age by Beck
25. Paper Tiger Send Paper Tiger by Beck
26. Guess I'm Doin' Fine Send Guess I'm Doin' Fine by Beck
27. Lonesome Tears Send Lonesome Tears by Beck
28. Lost Cause Send Lost Cause by Beck
29. End Of The Day Send End Of The Day by Beck
30. It's All In Your Mind Send It's All In Your Mind by Beck
31. Round The Bend Send Round The Bend by Beck
32. Already Dead Send Already Dead by Beck
33. Sunday Sun Send Sunday Sun by Beck
34. Little One Send Little One by Beck

The real name of the famous American singer and songwriter Beck is Beck Hansen, who was born on July 8, 1970. There is no doubt he is one of the most famous alternative rock artists between 1990s and 2000s with his pop art collage of musical styles, oblique and ironic lyrics, and postmodern arrangements incorporating samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and sound effects. He became popular with his early works, which combined social criticism (as in "MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack" and "Deep Fried Love") with musical and lyrical experimentation. In 1994 his first single hit - "Loser" earned him wider public attention. Hansen has cited The Cars, Mantronix, Gary Wilson, Pussy Galore, Willie Dixon, Bill Broonzy, and Sonic Youth among his influences. Two of his most popular and acclaimed recordings were Odelay (1996) and Sea Change (2002). Odelay was awarded Album of the Year by the famous American magazine Rolling Stone and by UK publications NME and Mojo. It also received a Grammy nomination for Best Album and in 2004, the star returned to the studio to work on his sixth major-label studio album. The record, titled Guero, was produced by the Dust Brothers and Tony Hoffer and features a collaboration with Jack White of The White Stripes, it marked a return to Odelay-era sound.

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