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Cell Phone Applications

We offer a huge variety of hot cell phone applications and other mobile stuff in every kind of format, however the most common mobile applications are in Java format. Java, or J2ME is a format for applications for mobile and PDAs which provides software that can been added to cell phones. It has been most widely used for mobile games, but there are many other applications including maps, instant messengers, ip-based messaging, gps systems or phone book back-up systems have been developed.

Because J2ME is widely available on mobile handsets, it offers the broadest compatibility in a highly fragmented market. Advertising funded content increases, thanks to this there will be greater demand to include this into Java applications. At these days, most of these applications are games, however, recent studies have shown that this tends to focus on the 14-24 age range. In the older age demographic, PDA functions, such as diaries, maps or email are of the biggest interest. However, outside of the games market, there is a reluctance by many users outside of the early adopters to install applications on their cell phones.

The Jave Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) was developed by Sun Microsystems as a language and environment to run apps on cell phones and PDAs. It's programming language is Java, which is highly popular amongst programmers and developers, however it is more complex to develop than simple Flash-based applications, it's broad compatibility on cellphones makes it an attractive development proposition. Don`t forget that as well as the phone-based functions J2ME can also be used to connect through the internet, bluetooth or infrared.

On the downside, as with other mobile content, the many different phone models on the market results in the need to develop many versions of each application. Whilst video and audio may be transcoded for handset optimization, J2ME applications will usually need to be developed specifically for different ranges of phones like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung Sony Ericsson and etc.

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