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Download Best Selling 2Pac Ringtones for Every Mobile Phone Owner

Different users of Samsung today can download 2Pac ringtones from range of additional melodies sources, intended especially for them. Fresh online collections of mobile 2Pac realtones could be found also through the networks of most reputable mobile carriers at recent days, such as AT and T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell and Virgin Mobile. In other words, you could get your lovely 2Pac true tones in mp3, video or midi format through the web, often just in few minutes. Keep in mind that if you own modern handset, you have the excellent chance to download music ringtones through convenient and fast WAP services, available online. Also, remember the option to get some interesting mobile ringing sounds as specific prize for you sign up on particular website, providing mobile accessories. So, if you have deeper interest in contemporary pop and soul music, all these charming 2Pac ring tones soon will prove to be among best possible options to make your mobile phone ringing more distinctively. Finally, you could obtain some fresh 2Pac ringtones in three easy steps - write your number down on your favourite web page, wait to obtain common SMS with special identifying code in it and finally enter this permission combination on the same Internet page.

Download 2Pac Ringtones
Song Name Send
1. Keep Ya Head Up Send Keep Ya Head Up by 2Pac
2. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted Send 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted by 2Pac
3. Temptations Send Temptations by 2Pac
4. God Bless The Dead Send God Bless The Dead by 2Pac
5. Hail Mary Send Hail Mary by 2Pac
6. Me Against The World Send Me Against The World by 2Pac
7. How Do U Want It Send How Do U Want It by 2Pac
8. So Many Tears Send So Many Tears by 2Pac
9. Unconditional Love Send Unconditional Love by 2Pac
10. Trapped Send Trapped by 2Pac
11. Life Goes On Send Life Goes On by 2Pac
12. Hit 'Em Up Send Hit 'Em Up by 2Pac
13. Troublesome 96' Send Troublesome 96' by 2Pac
14. Brenda's Got A Baby Send Brenda's Got A Baby by 2Pac
15. I Ain't Mad at Cha - Danny Boy Send I Ain't Mad at Cha - Danny Boy by 2Pac
16. I Get Around Send I Get Around by 2Pac
17. Changes Send Changes by 2Pac
18. California Love (Original Version) Send California Love (Original Version) by 2Pac
19. Picture Me Rollin' Send Picture Me Rollin' by 2Pac
20. How Long Will They Mourn Me? Send How Long Will They Mourn Me? by 2Pac
21. Toss It Up Send Toss It Up by 2Pac
22. Dear Mama Send Dear Mama by 2Pac
23. All About U Send All About U by 2Pac
24. To Live & Die In L.A. Send To Live & Die In L.A. by 2Pac
25. Heartz Of Men Send Heartz Of Men by 2Pac
26. Ambition Az A Ridah Send Ambition Az A Ridah by 2Pac
27. All Bout U Send All Bout U by 2Pac
28. Skandalouz Send Skandalouz by 2Pac
29. Got My Mind Made Up Send Got My Mind Made Up by 2Pac
30. 2 Of Americaz Most Wanted Send 2 Of Americaz Most Wanted by 2Pac
31. No More Pain Send No More Pain by 2Pac
32. Only God Can Judge Me Send Only God Can Judge Me by 2Pac
33. Tradin' War Stories Send Tradin' War Stories by 2Pac
34. California Love (Remix) Send California Love (Remix) by 2Pac
35. What'z Ya Phone # Send What'z Ya Phone # by 2Pac
36. Can't C Me Send Can't C Me by 2Pac
37. Shorty Wanna Be A Thug Send Shorty Wanna Be A Thug by 2Pac
38. Holla At Me Send Holla At Me by 2Pac
39. Wonda Why They Call U Send Wonda Why They Call U by 2Pac
40. When We Ride Send When We Ride by 2Pac
41. Thug Passion Send Thug Passion by 2Pac
42. Check Out Time Send Check Out Time by 2Pac
43. Rather Be Ya Send Rather Be Ya by 2Pac

Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known by his aliases 2Pac and Makaveli (June 16, 1971 September 13, 1996), was an American rapper. In addition to his status as a top-selling recording artist, Shakur was a well known film actor and a prominent social activist, who is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-selling hip hop artist, with over 75 million albums sold all over the world, including over fifty million in the United States. Most of Shakur's songs are about growing up amid violence and hardship in ghettos, racism and every kind of problems in society, conflicts with other rappers. Shakur's work is known for advocating political, economic, social and racial equality, as well as his raw descriptions of violence, drug and abuse in alcohol and conflicts with the law. 2Pac was initially a roadie and backup dancer for the alternative hip hop band called Digital Underground.The legendary rapper`s debut album, 2Pacalypse Now, gained critical recognition and backlash for its controversial lyrics. Shakur was the target of lawsuits and experienced other legal problems and later, he was shot five times and robbed in the lobby of a recording studio in New York City. Following the tragic event, Shakur grew suspicious that other figures in the rap industry had prior knowledge of the incident and didn`t warn him, the controversy helped spark the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry.

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